Gas Planet extraction


In one gaz planet, I do not succeed to produce p2.
I can produce P2 in other but not this one, I get a message saying I do not have enough power.
Installations are the same everywhere 2 extractor, 2 basic and one advanced with level 3 on skills.
What can be the problem?

:red_circle: Keep in mind that many gas planets are huge. Even very small links can be a lot longer in reality than on smaller Barren or Terrestrial planets, and therefore cost a lot more power. Some gas planets have radii of 140,000 km, while others have barely 10,000 km.


Thanks distance is the key!!!

you have to evaluate planets for amounts of resources and radius. Powergrid for links increases with radius

You can see the radius of a planet by right clicking it -> show info -> attributes tab. It’s worthwhile to know before establishing a colony because the deposits deplete and respawn elsewhere. You don’t want to sacrifice to much of your power to links.

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