Gas Planet mining

Actually it’s a planetary colonization harvesting. For this you just need to hire a local racketeer on the planet, which will look over those processes and colonists working there. Time to time he’ll travel to his family (you have to care about it), which lives at main trading hubs in 1.0 security systems, to take a golden jacuzzi, to buy some faction vessels and of course a Victorieux Luxury Yacht.

Gas Planet mining huffing.

It’s the planets radius. Gas planets are generally way bigger than most other types. I look for smaller planets with decent tax rate/resources. It can be a pain finding just the right one.

And build everything close together with short routes between them.

1x launchpad
1x storage
2x T1 facility
1x T2 facility
2x extractor with 2 heads each

The planet is set at max in the command center.

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