Gas (Synthetic Oil) and Ukomi Superconductors (3) planets

Alright in this guide I will explain How to make Synthetic Oil on a Gas Planet you need two sites of Ionic Solutions and Noble Gases.

They must be a in high level Yellow.Orange, or Dark Green.


Your Goal is to be mining 30.000 or more units of base materials to even each-other out.

Noble Gases -> Oxygen

Along with

Ionic Solutions -> Electrolytes

This uses two Factories for each resource to have a endless flow of Synthetic Oil, Which is constructed by one Advanced Industrial Plant.

Oxygen + Electrolytes —> Synthetic Oil

This can be used with the Storm + Ice Combintion to produce Ukomi Superconductors.


Synthetic Oil + Superconductor —> Ukomi Superconductors

which the advanced industrial plant for this can be put on any planet of the three as long as all the materials are there, only there it will produce Ukomi Superconductors.

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ive been looking for something to reset my pi on, but the question is what lvl on my slider for resolution?

I have Planetology 3 which seems to be good enough to see major deposits without any fine details, I always max the slider for extraction size.

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