Plasmoid + Water , Superconductor Factory (PI STORM + ICE)

Here is the PI guide for a Storm and Ice planet that produces vast amounts of plasmiods along with Water and Superconductors.

(Storm)Plasmoid Superconductor PI Structure.

(Ice) Water Processing From Aqeuous Liquids

No offense meant, but that’s not a guide. That’s just two pictures with almost zero explanation.


Oh, I will go more detailed, you get Aqueous liquids from the Ice Planet that goes into water with 4 factories and max Aqueous liquids extractors on 1 extractor unit.

(Ice Planet) Aqueous liquids —> Water

Then on the storm planet you make Max Suspended Plasma extractors with max extractors per extractor unit with 4 Factories that goes into Plasmoids which reacts with the water into superconductors @ 2 Advanced Industrial sites

(Storm)Suspended Plasma —> Plasmoids

(Storm)Plasmoids + Water = Superconductors Tier 3 PI material.

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For your information Superconductors are only Tier 2 (P2) product, not a Tier 3 as you are claiming it to be. The tier 3 (P3) product would be Ukomi Super Conductors.

also if you really want to maximize your output, you would want to just Extract :arrow_right: P1 Product on your Storm and Ice planets and then on a 3rd planet you would import the P1 and make the Superconductors (P2 Product) on that planet (Barren or Temperate, if planning to make P4 Products)

I would suggest a setup of 3 Launch Pads (2 for importing and 1 for exporting), 2-4 Storage (depends on how much your P1 planets can produce) and however many Advanced Facilities you need/want.

See my topic: Meph's Magical PI Setups for the Interminably Lazy

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