Superconductors price

Is there a reason for the price fall of superconductors? I finaly arranged my planetary production around these items only to find out, that the price is droping for quite some time :confused:

maybe is because mitans is doing PI
but i don’t know

umm what do you mean by mitans? :slight_smile:

he is a famous servant of amarr and he has a big corporation , forgot the name…
but they say he have a lot of money

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If it’s not profitable to buy the inputs and make in a factory setup then probably shouldnt try to make it from harvesting your own either.

There’s no value added in that case. And no reason to limit your scale by harvesting if there is value added.

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Most PI has been falling for months. As for a reason, I can only speculate its due to the market changes. They have become less valuable for traders.

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I try to run a decent profitable PI in low sec (not null sec) and have one planet dedicated for Tier2 product (superconductors). So far it was a decent passive income but the value is going down. So you’re saying that its also not profitable to harvest it on dedicated planets and then fare the goods to another dedicated planet? I know that the most profit is in null sec but that is for now out of question

My general philosophy with Pi has been that each product doesnt really add value up the chain.

But I always figured p0->p2 added some value each step.

Yours is a case showing how that doesnt hold true right now.

Unfortunately not much flexibility built into Pi.

Maybe hoard for now until price rebounds some?

Your model of production is wrong.

If I produce the item A locally, and I can make a profit selling it in Jita - AFTER considering the taxes, the hauling cost.
Then the price of using 1 item of A in a transformation process, is the value I would have got from selling this A, MINUS the taxes, MINUS the hauling cost which are removed from the benefit.

If I need to buy A in Jita and haul it where I am, then the cost of A is the cost or purchasing it, PLUS the tax, PLUS the hauling cost which I have to pay.

The difference in “cost” in the process is basically twice the hauling value, plus twice the broker fee, plus your % tax - assuming the BO and SO are the same.

in that formula, your hauling cost should be a function of distance, volume, and price.

eg dist_factor×distance×(volume×volumic_price+value×value_factor)

If you have an infinite amount of jumps to do, your cost should be infinite, otherwise you pay yourself less than a slave which needs food and a shelter.
If you have an infinite volume to haul, same
If the item has infinite value to haul, same

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Sorry, I totally thought I was responding to something esle :wink:

The scaling just isnt there.

Factory planets make like 10x-30x what you can make from scratch.

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