Gate Rat Aggro

“Wait what do rats have to do with PVP?” some might ask. Well in low sec some gates can spawn rats. I have a tackle frigate I’m confident can hold onto a flashy cruiser or battlecruiser until help arrives, even if I get webbed. If I’m grappled, I think I’m hosed if he has drones or missiles, but I’m just going to gamble on “no grappler” since I only lose a slasher or incursus if I’m wrong.

But if I’m double webbed, I think I’m screwed if the target has at least 3 light drones. Or even 3 medium drones since I’ll be slowed down enough that they’'ll still land a lot of hits. Some of the rats can web. i’m probably also doomed if 4 frigate sized rats attack me and he has drones. So I’m wondering if I see rats near a gate where I plan to cut off escape, I need to clear the rats before I can sit down and wait.

If the rats just go after who they see first, I can wait on the same side of the gate as the target, watch him go through, go through myself, and then break cloak after him. No cruisier is going to be able to align and warp off in 5 seconds without inertia stabs and I have a feeling the targets are not going to have them. So before aligns, he’ll draw aggro from the rats and then I can lock on him and tackle him.

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