Gathering Drone Parts

I’ve been trying to help a corpmate by gathering some stuff he needs. So in the past 50 days I’ve been spending a lot of time scanning down Rogue Trial Yards, Dirty Sites, and Ruins to get the parts. And it takes me seemingly forever to find these things. One time it took me 90 minutes to find 3 such sites, not counting the time I had to go back and defeat the damn things. And then I realized doing Level 4 Missions and buying what I want to give to him would be easier (if less exciting since the Rogue Trial Yard is actually a pretty fun site to run in a BC). But if the sites are so hard to find, why is it so easy to just buy the things off the market?

That generally happens when:

  • Other people find the sites more easily than you, and/or
  • The sites are more common in other areas of space, and/or
  • There are other sources for the parts, and/or (but most likely)
  • Other people run the sites for reasons of their own, don’t need those parts, dump them on market.

CCP seeding the market. They have to since so many modules do not have blueprints available yet they’re sold on the market, who manufactured them? Seeded items.

Dronelands (sov null) folks probably pull a bunch of that as “faction” loot, seeing as drone NPCs otherwise don’t have loot.

No lies detected.

–Scanning Gadget

Because scarcity was always a lie

Drop rates in the game are pure garbage across the board.

Asmongold gets more rare WoW drops in a day than Eve Online players get for basic materials in a month.

Hell, CCP even turned mining ore into a 50/50 gamble. For real… why do any of us give CCP our time and money when they just disrespect our time and money?

What’s that? I’m pretending the December 2021 changes to the Orca didn’t happen. la la la, can’t hear you. mining in a Barge and going up to an Orca is still viable

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