Gears of Progress [HS/LS - EU/US]

Recruitment Status: Open

Void Republic is out to mine the salt from the tears of our enemies. We’re high sec based opperating at a high isk gain menality with years of experience in trading and all things industrial including worm hole mining and gas huff. Come join us and become part of the growing community.

►All active TZ
►Alliance Ore/PI buyback
►Azbel Manufacting Engineering Complexe
►No Manditory Fleet ops
►Discord Server
►Belt Access 24/7
►Mission Agents
►Fun pvp gate camps in nullsec and lowsec not far from home

Join GOFP Pub now to speak with us regarding any questions you may have.

ding dong

Great corp and group of guys!

Been in this corp for years, they have such a great community.

Come stop by in our pub “GOFP Pub”

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Come say hi in our pub “GOFP Pub”

Bump. Very active group.

we mine 24/7 and do pve 1/1

Join our pub “GOFP Pub”

Learn to make real isk in HS without doing incursions 24/7

Join our pub “GOFP Pub”

Fleet ops every day.

Chat with us in GOFP Pub

Join our public channel “GOFP Pub”

We’re friendly and active. If you have questions, just ask.

yeah right

Hello I want to join you corp. I’m new to the game and I am currently in “prepare to leave corparation” as of posting this. How do I apply?

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