GEESE... the rotten apple in the barrel of Catch / Providence

Good evening, germs :slight_smile:

Putting up a contract on Catch / Providence space.

Target alliance(s):
Gooseflock Featheration / Red Alliance / Dracarys / Desolate + allies

Too long have they enjoyed the comfort and security of the region and filled their pockets with riches and gold. The hubris to call themselves a pvp alliance and spit into the eye of the proper fighters, it is time to teach them a proper lesson. Me (and The Boyzzz) will be opening a can of whoopazz and will be inflicting pain to their coffers.

Their era had sadly come to an end…

Objective: scorched earth, do as much damage as possible Payments will be done on final kill, per hull size, on monthly basis, pods do not count. Reference points would be zkill and combat logs. Active till December.

Please do not post your activity here, just mail ingame if you are willing to participate.

EDIT :: pirces on ships updated as well due to more ships to kill and multiple alliances included

What’s the offer exactly?

bump up

Why not contact directly Deep space Alliance and Hogwarts,They are very happy



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Interesting that geese were edited into this a full 12 days after your original post.

Honk indeed…

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No payment in advance is wild as well. Love this for you though

honk honk

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Do we get payed just for honking aswell ?!
My coffers are not quite full just yet.


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Spooky. I’ll just keep honking for now though.

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oh god finally a chance to shoot some spaceships


More empty threats from people who won’t get thier own hands dirty.

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Lurk more.

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Not to tell you your business but you should probably pay more than peanuts if you want anyone to get out of bed.

Pay me a billion isk up front and I’ll reveal the location of their Palatine Keepstar.

ITT: You are president of a homeowners association and just found out the new neighbors are geese. While being a goose is not a strict textual violation of the rules, you definitely feel it’s against the spirit so you are having a bake sale to evict them.

If that doesn’t work may I suggest vaguely hostile stares until we feel weird and wander off? It seems to be in your budget range

kek, let me guess, they denied your 3 day old characters application?


I like to undock my orca sometimes, so see you then :wink:

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It’s 35mil for a citadel kill. I will simply pay 100mil to go away. Checkmate, atheists