General Mazari, Care to Explain?

Rumors that the Amarr forces have brought weapons of mass destruction to Floseswin IV were played down by General Mazari at a press briefing held in the southern continental capital of Port Kul: “This talk of nuclear and chemical weapons is black propaganda put about by our enemies. Amash-Akura’s laws of war forbid the use of weapons that poison the land so these claims are absurd on their face. Let us never forget that we saved the Minmatar from self-destruction in the fires of nuclear warfare they were on the brink of unleashing on themselves. Even today, they are the ones that use such weapons. We of Amarr cleanse the land with Holy Light, not poison it.”

Challenged on the presence of Amarr antimatter reactors powering the formidable defenses of the occupation forces, General Mazari dismissed the suggestion that these may be overloaded to cause widespread destruction and casualties as “slanderous nonsense and defeatist thinking we would never contemplate for a moment.” For their part, Minmatar ground commanders are understood to take seriously the risks of antimatter reactor breaches, whether deliberate or caused by combat operations, given the Amarr have reportedly placed such facilities at the center of the population zones they control.

BREAKING: Reports of Antimatter Warhead Detonating Over Small Coastal Town on Southern Continent of Floseswin IV Confirmed; Casualties Unknown

BREAKING: CONCORD Monitors “Tracked Submarine Launched Hypersonic Missile Flight from Position in South Polar Deeps,” Claims Source

BREAKING: CONCORD Believes “House Sarum has Several Imud Okyanau-class Strategic Stealth Submarines Hidden on Floseswin IV,” Leak Indicates

It’s nice to see how seriously the Sarum military takes Amash-Akura’s laws of warfare.

“Oh, but antimatter weapons don’t poison the land!” Maybe, but using them against civilian populations remains a violation of Amash-Akura’s teachings. If you’re going to leave behind scorched earth as you bail from this disastrous campaign you started, you cannot say that you are doing God’s work.


Both the Empire and the Caldari State continue to show flagrant disregard for the safety of civilian populations on the worlds embroiled in the Militia Wars. First Lai Dai leaves behind insidious area denial mines on Intaki, and now this. Of course CONCORD does nothing to punish them. One starts to wonder what good these so called “conflict monitors” are at all?


Record keeping for the historical fiction writers.


It’s amusing to think anyone could believe them that they were doing God’s work in the first place. Besides, who ever said they were bailing? They still have those reactors…

Cast them off, already.

As Evi said the reactors are still there… but I fear the moment the fools playing war realize fight is lost, Floseswin will have a few less cities.

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They are like a child who cannot share. If they cannot have the toy, they will try and break it.

If the Amarrians go this far, then Ushra’khan will go further. We will take two lives for every life lost at the hands of the 24th and Sarumites, should they use these weapons of mass destruction. They are not the only ones who can.

I guess the LUMEN deployment to the Bleaks and Devoid will continue for some time, then.

You guys are really good at motivating Amarr.


Great so LUMEN have join this mad house now?.. I most admit im disappointed if that is the case

We’ve deployed to the Bleaks and Devoid to push Amarr systems after Harkon’s cries of murdering Amarr people when they recovered Aset.

If you’re disappointed that we’re not sitting idly by as Ushra’Khan murders Amarr subjects on Amarr worlds, I don’t know what to tell you.


Empty words when the Amarr murder Minmatar Citizens on Minmatar Worlds.

Both sides in this conflict is soaked with blood, I’m disappointed that LUMEN wouldn’t be smarter to stay out of it, as this whole conflict will only escalate the more people come in with retaliation in mind.

We’re playing defense. In our systems for our worlds.

I can’t give a big speech about how we’re the Shield of Amarr and then not shield the Amarr.

Is it okay for them to kill the civilians on our side of the border? Do you seriously think that? Do you begrudge the Minmatar who fought in Floseswin to protect their people? If not, why do you begrudge the Amarr fighting in Oyonata and Sahtogas to protect ours?

The words aren’t empty. We’ve been in the warzone for a bit now. We also never claimed that we (the Amarr) haven’t killed your civilians.

Still doesn’t mean that we should abandon our duty to protect the Amarr.


My apologize I thought you meant fighting in the war zone as a whole. No I don’t fault you for defending Amarr sides of the war, it’s only the moment you forget what side of the ‘border’ your fights are on it becomes a problem, especially Floseswin.

Apology accepted.

The RoE for Khimi Harar is only to assist with warzone control operations in the Bleak Lands and Devoid (the Amarr regions).

Roaming around anywhere (in the cluster, even) to engage red targets is permitted so long as you’re not parking down on the other side of the border to push systems.

We are serious when we say we’re a shield. It even causes conflict between us and other Amarr at times.


That I’m glad to hear, even more so that LUMEN keeps to they values instead betraying them, as it seems to be a popular theme these days…

We are starting to speak the language spoken to us, that is all.

That’s really all you needed to hear to back track? Now it’s I who am disappointed in you. They can post it anyway they want but LUMEN really has never “kept their values” or whatever message it is some have gotten from them. They have maybe a handful of pilots that go against the grain but the rest will always follow the stream and so will they all ultimately. Be it the right thing or not.


This is what happens when I take a break, and people don’t have me to calibrate their moral compass.

I am sorely disappointed with this state of affairs.

Exsanguinated Minmatar Corpses Found in River Flowing North from Amarr Occupation Zone in Southern Floseswin IV; General Filmir Accuses Amarr of “War Crimes”

How righteous this war is, now joining the scorched earth with blood sacrifices! Great work, General Mazari and all those in this court of sin, truly. Surely your forces please God with such actions!


If true, I find these reports disconcerting. The edicts of Amash-Akura on the conduct of warfare have always ensured that wars conducted by the Faithful do not sully the lands of God’s creation and direct conflict against the heathen to a true purpose: their capture and enslavement that they may be brought into the fold of Empire and brought forth to the glory of God. To do otherwise, is to make war a wanton and senseless slaughter that diminishes the number of captives taken – and thus souls reclaimed from the darkness of unbelief – in addition to unspoilt lands made productive for the Faithful.

I can only hope these reports are the unsubstantiated hearsay expected from Gallente media.

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