Getting in game items

Where can I get items such as Domination Phased Plasma ammo? I cannot see it on an LP store so I assume it is rats? if so where ar they situated?

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You can get it from the market, usually Amarr or Jita, or by killing pirate faction rats such as, say, a Dread Guristas spawn for dread guristas ammo and other items.


Yeah, that’s a loot drop from Angel ‘Commander’ rats that sometimes spawn at Angel Anomaly Combat sites. The size of the ammo depends on the size of the NPC ship. Most of the time they drop Arch Angel ammo and a Pirate Dog Tag. If you’re lucky, Faction or Deadspace module and or Implant and or ship BPC may be included as well.

Course the easiest way to get a sizable amount of that ammo is to do what @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode said, buy it from the Market.

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Thanks Both… yeah i’ve seen them on market, just wondered where they came from. I may go hunt some done, becuase where is the fun in just buying it on market all the time :slight_smile:

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