Getting through warp field generators

Ok, so, I have the 3.0+ standing with Galente, and can do the Guristas epic arc where I need to go to talk to the guy in the Venal region to start the first mission. Each time I start to head that way, along the way I get stuck in (I think?) people’s warp disruption fields and get blown up, and I have had warp core stabilizers on when I’ve been going out there. Is there another way in addition to the core stabilizers to not get stuck in the disruption fields?

To get this out of the way, yes I know that can happen, yes I know I assume the risk, yes I know losing ships happens, etc. I’m just here for the tips and tricks, please don’t rage and assume I’m looking to blame someone/something else for losing ships.

Also also, apologies if this started off in the wrong forum section.

Warp Core Stabilizers only provide +1 point of warp core stability. Warp Disruption Fields have, effectively, infinite warp core disruption, and as such, it’s impossible to fit anything onto your ship that will allow you to warp out of a disruption field if you’re in one.

An alternative would be to use Interceptors and T3Cs that have Interdiction nullification, since that will allow you to pass through as if the warp disruption fields aren’t there.

I’ve been flying the taranas there, which is one of the Galente interceptors, what do I use with that to get the interdiction nullification?

You could try a T3 with nullifier. Negotiating with the locals is an option, but it’s NPC null which is akin to a no-man’s land. Grab yourself a Loki. Or a Proteus if that’s your thing.

Combat interceptors lost their interdiction nullification in October of 2018. You could have also checked this by just looking at the description of the ship.

Use the Ares instead.


what about just clicking the ship tree icon, gallente, see the interceptors? see the bonuses?

ares says “Immune to Interdiction Sphere Launcher, Warp Disruption Field Generator and Mobile Small, Medium and Large Warp Disruptor”

taranis says nothing about that, yes?

so… what do you think?

  1. I was wondering about equipment too, not just the ship itself

  2. again, not looking for people to be assholes with their replies here.

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“assholes”? that sounds a bit exagerated to someone who just highlighted that you could have easily found the answer by yourself…

and no module allows you to directly escape to bubbles. You can fit mjd on larger ships to mjd away, or use the mwd cloak trick and pray for being able to exit from the bubble before being decloaked by enemies etc
Or use a t3c fitted for bubble immunity…


Use an Ares fit to align in under 2 seconds, and tank in the mids…that is all you need.

How about using eve-gatecheck, bookmarks, d-scan and maybe some brains?

Currently running Guristas epic arc with my alt, used to log in when number of active pilots in space is smth about 1-3 in whole constellation (usually right after server reboot or around 03:00-05:00 UTC). When something like gatekill or roaming gang appears in the system of mission or on the route, i do something else instead of log in. I do check the area before accepting the mission in my corvette as well.

So, it seem possible to make it through by alpha and T1 destroyer. May take long and get killed eventually, but i’m good so far.

The best solution is not to go through them in the first place.
I fly a fast align heron regularly. Simply don’t warp gate to gate unless local is empty. I usually warp to some planet or moon that doesn’t have a gate then warp to the desired gate from there, changing the angle avoiding single bubbles.

If they have 6-8 bubbles/fields then that makes it alot tougher but more expensive for them.

@ OP

Certain “pipes” & routes are always camped. There are ways around this by flying ship designed to not care about bubbles(intereceptors that have the trait, T3C with the correct subsystem or the (gallente Luxury Yacht)

You can avoid the system in your route plan and see if the there is a roundabout way to go where you need to go thats less camped. Also, Id stick a jump clone if its an area you need tot go frequently./set it as your home station and deathclone there.

Another option which could be wide swing and a miss is to look for holes but this could take days… Or roll the dice and go via filaments which again could take days.

Other than that its the standard gate camp breaking advice. Cloak + MWD, bounce off celestials etc.

Thera can usually get you close. The drifter holes have lots of connections now, too.

You beat me to it. Just thought about Thera. Love that place. Most exciting place I have ever mined…

Warp core stabs don’t help with warp bubbles, as others have mentioned. There are only two ways through a bubble camp (aside from negotiating)

Non-targeted interdiction nullification: One of the two interceptors for each empire has this, as well as the Interdiction Nullification subsystem for T3 cruisers.

Covert ops cloak: Covert ops frigates, stealth bombers, force recons, and T3 cruisers with the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem. This is the riskier method, because you have to be able to cloak very, very quickly to avoid being spotted, and you still have to slowboat to the edge of the bubble you can warp away. On the ball campers can still spot you and decloak you, but it’s tough.

As you may have noticed, T3s are listed in both options. You can make a T3 cruiser with both the interdiction nullifier AND the covert ops cloak. You’ll be damn near immune to gatecamps with that, but there’s always risk with insta-locking tacklers. T3s are also rather expensive, and you’ll lose skillpoints if you die in one.

Everyone else can stop being assholes now.

Warp to a celestial and then to the next gate. It will change the angle of approach and should avoid the interdiction spheres.

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