Giant Null Coalition Structure Prescence in High Sec

For the most part big null groups stay in null sec. To successfully hold all that sovereignty, you’d need a lot of people there, so this is almost forced by definition. I was wondering if these large groups have any structural assets in high for… whatever reason. Either in a shell corp, or holding it outright. I know there is the Tranquility Trading Corporation, but I couldn’t find any other examples. I don’t think they have a reason to own any structures there. You can’t do reactions. If they wanted the minerals only found in high sec, I’d doubt they’d set up a mining operation there and put down a structure when they could instead have a mining operation at home, sell the ores, and buy the minerals and still have their valuable mercoxit leftover. Sure some individual member might decide to bring out an Orca boosted fleet in high sec one day for whatever reason, but this would be rare. Even if some of their members wanted to run L4s on their main account, there is no need to actually anchor anything to do that.

Many have HS corps/alliances for newer players to get their feet wet in and can travel to Null to do some PvP without fully being in a Null PvP corp. Karma Fleet University comes to mind as well as Fraternity University. I am sure Brave, Horde, and others also have HS corps/alliances as well.

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