Gila - surviving the Leshak spawn

So I lost recently my Gila to the Leshak spawn from hell in T4. Basically overheated AB as soon as I entered the room to get into NOS range, but was dry after a couple of seconds and was a sitting duck after that. Managed to kill 4 Leshaks before popping to the remaining 2.

I flew a standard passive fit with 3 LSE, Invu + specific resistance amplifier, 2 DDA, SPR and 3 field purger rigs. Also 2 implants to shield buffer and shield regen. I managed to clear everything pretty well so far, but not this spawn.

Is there any way to fit the Gila to survive this specific encounter without spending billions on an active fit? Maybe a mixed tank with cap booster charges, shield booster and extender rigs for added safety buffer? Anybody tried something like that? Or is there another fit or ship, if possible under 1 bil, to survive that spawn?

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Fit a large battery, one lse, two invuln, pithum a type medium shield booster (c type will do if poor) and ab in mids. Fit shield extenders on rigs. Boost shields to full before jumping pockets. Keep cap above 60% before jumping.

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Sounds good, but why a large battery over a cap injector? Does the battery provide more cap overall compared to a med cap booster?

25% cap drain resists

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Cap booster works I just got bored of refilling ammo so I fit a battery. I also liked to sit down and roll back to back without docking for hours. The battery also lets you boost up to full without consuming charges between gates. You can do it either way you like, both work.

I haven’t done Abyss since like summer so idk if anything changed with spawns though.

Some stuff changed rats became easier but overall active booster gila should be better than purger gila

Large Thukker cap battery. Its not bilions though it is fairly expensive. Much cheaper then losing your ship. It gives 28% cap drain resits and brings up cap stability very significantly. you can go with other faction batteries, but they have higher fitting requirements and provide less cap with less resist.

Or, take a look at the abyssal batteries up on contracts in Jita. Pop your fit into the simulator ( the very ship you will be flying) drag and drop the abyssal battery from the contract into your fit, watch the results. Check info on it to see exact stats, you want most cap resistance and cap volume as you can fit and afford.

Reason I brought this up is because in general abyssal mods are often actually cheaper then their deadspace / faction counterparts, otherwise they don’t sell. But beware and really thorughly check them out because there are just as many bad ones as there are good ones on those contracts.

And if you do go Abyssal, then you may be able to afford an active fit, that will solve your issue as well so its something to consider.

Ok I will look out for a nice battery. However for the fit, in order to sport large cap battery together with LSE I need to a) fit a reactor control unit or b) medium ancillary current router. Either I am missing a damage control or another field extender rig, both of which isnt ideal.

If I use a medium cap booster, I can fit all 3 extenders, LSE and damage control, giving me more buffer and resists. I dont mind the additional hassle of refueling cap boosters, for me the most important thing is, which of those variants will provide me the most safety - I am not sure if the med cap booster will give me enough juice until I killed all Leshaks… if somebody tried that, input would be much appreicated.

I think the idea is once you’ve managed to fit the large cap battery (possibly an abyssal one) an active fit (assuming Medium Shield Booster, not sure how shiny) could be used instead of the LSE, that way lows/rigs can stay ‘as is’.

It also sounds like the neut resistance provided by the battery is sufficient to keep an active tank running under neut pressure, but I’m not sure on that as I don’t run them (are you fitting nos in a high slot? Can you still nos NPCs?).


If he will get full spawn of neuting Leshaks, I think he will die anyway. To counter that spawn, you need a Sacrilege with abyssal battery.

I tried that in a tier 4 with the Sacrilege and she does manage but I ran out of time :frowning:

Without full bling, I can not do it. These types of spawns are the reason I fly blinged ships in there, otherwise I just can’t get the efficiency necessary. People claim to get pass them in T2 fits, but I have yet to see a single video of any T2 fit easily get by a full T4 - T5 full neut spawn, whereas there are many videos of it of people flying blinged ships and there are many videos of people doing T4s T5s in just T2 fits but getting exclusively all lucky spawns.

I suppose if you really push it you might be able to pull it off with just some faction stuff but it will be much harder then otherwise.

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No, Gila dunks Leshaks. Assign drones to one overload launchers on another. Ten seconds later repeat. The buffer will keep you alive.

Ok, so I did some testing and flew a couple dozen T4 with the following fit:
3x field extender II
2x invul II
1x afterburner II
1x med cap booster II filled with 3x navy 400’s
1x pithum c-type med shield booster
2x DDA and 1x damage control

While I didnt encounter the 6 leshak spawn again, I killed a spawn of 5, where 3 were neuting and had quite some buffer left, so I think I should be able to manage a spawn of 6 with the fit. Had even a nasty room with a karybdis right after that and also went through no problem. However, it was a gamma filament, so easy on my shield resists.

So I can say at this point that the above fit works well and is really cheap and should get you through 99% of the situations you will encounter in T4 (will post an update if I manage to clear the worst Leshak spawn). Only downside is the added cost of cap boosters and the hassle of refilling.

I didnt try the battery variant yet but I believe you need a better shield booster for that and probably implants, because your safety buffer will be gone.

Range is life, i run an active blinged fit with battery, past thru some full leshaks spawns in t4 simply turning my bak and run to keep the macical 50 km range from them.

So did they permanently remove the suspect flag in high-sec space for filaments or was that reinstated?

It’s still gone for now. No one has said permanent but no one put it back either.

Guess they finally figured out that players wouldn’t risk certain death in high-sec after a high chance of death just running T4 and T5 filaments. Only took them six+ months, but hey - null-sec had to be placated as usual…

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