Git Gud Corporation looking for new players to help at the very beginning of the game

Hello! If you are looking here, you are new, confused capsuleer, looking for answers for all of your many questions. I am glad to announce we were wiating for you! Doesn`t matter if you want to dedicate yourself entirely or just enjoy EVE activities once in blue moon - all men are welcomed!
We can explain you every aspect of:

  • PVE combat - From clearing basic sites and simple missions to running abyssal and DED sites and going to null sec systems
  • Mining and industry - Enjoying creation of various modules and items
  • Exploration - Hack and loot forgotten relics and data information worth milions of ISK
  • Salvaging - Where others see empty wrecks, you will see not claimed opportunity!
  • Skills distrubtion and ship fitting - 90% of success depends of your skills and your ship. Preparing your own custom ship is one of most rewarding and absorbing tasks you can ever do!
    Join us and be prepared for all danger in New Eden!

Contact me in game (Parry Potter Casul) Or add me on discord: GiantDad#4925

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