Give Cyclone 6th midslot

Opting for moving a lowslot into the midslot. For the simple ability to have a web and an adaptive invuln…
Does have shield boost bonus it would make sense
Or is that too OP

Cyclone does not need a web (or other form of tackle). Wrong ship for the wrong job.

Why does a ship clearly bonused for smaller gangs or solo not need tackle?

That wouldn’t mean its slot layouts should automatically be designed to accommodate tackles while continuing to excel in what is already does. The Cyclone is a good turtle, it does not-■■■■ damage for its size/cost/precision, it has two utility highs which might be occupied by command bursts (already a competitive advantage) - it doesn’t need a 4th strength. Tackles can come from fleetmates in small gangs, or you can use a more appropriate ship for solo play. The rule of thumb is and should continue to be: do a few things well or many things poorly; we should not empower the Cyclone to do too many things well.


Its not just for tackle that was just for preference. But with a shield boost bonus youd like to have at least a shield booster and an invuln. One obviously a prop mod. Which only leaves 2 slots. Either cap booster and scram or you can go scram web but must be ancillary.

Sure, but even so, you’d be making the Cyclone OP in an existing function. The Cyclone costs all of what? 55m? It needs to have limits for such a cheap T1 ship. At some point, you need to make a conscientious selection as to what it is going to suck at in order for it to be good at everything else.


The genesis of this question does of course come from a PvP perspective, but I think it should be noted that the Cyclone is already a really cheap and low-skill way to run level 4 missions. A few weeks of training makes it viable, a month or so makes it more or less invulnerable. An extra midslot would be pretty ridiculous from a PvE standpoint.

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Being a fat ass BC isn’t enough?

What function is that?

They know.

My experience flying matar ships is very limited, that’s why I am curious.

From my first looks at the cyclone, I don’t consider the cyclone a fleet boat. The hurricane looks much better for fleet work because turrets always have the same range and missile ranges change with speed and moving around.

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