What would you do with a 6-mid frigate?

There are only a very small number of 6-mid frigs in the game, and they are all stupid expensive. What would you do with a frigate (say, a faction frig) with 6 mids and plenty of reasonable fitting room?

Would you do hyper range control with dual prop, dual point, dual webs for the memes, or make an absolutely beastly dual MASB tank?

Would you make it specifically anti-Succubus with triple webs, dual prop, and a scram?
Would you explore with it, using an absolute ton of scan mids for maximum effectiveness?
I personally would love to use AB MSE dual web scram TD. Any other wacky combinations?

  1. sell it in Amarr and camp the station undock with tornado in attempt to kill it after undocking
  2. or I would give it to one of my neutral alts and then I would kill it with my main

I don’t think he means one of the 3-digit-billion AT frigs, but a hypothetical “cheap” Factionfrig and how to use the 6 meds.

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