Give us more transparency ccp

Me and others have been reporting spam bots, and eula violators (rmt etc)

all we we from ccp is a auto reply to our reports closing them off and saying they cant speak bout it to us.

we try to talk bout moderation and we get shut down by forum mods. its beyond broken.

Just last week i sent a contract donation to a streamer that was doing a event and immediately noticed there were characters that made similar names hoping someone would mess up.

I know any impersonation is NOT allowed and ccp makes people change name or even bans them.

He showed on stream that about 8 characters made similar names to his all impersonating him.

These characters were reported multiple times, yet they are still there.

Has ccp given up moderating the game?

Totally agree with you, ISD seem more intent on locking out Free speech then rule breakers specially if the rule breakers are spending real money to sub accounts.

I reported a known EULA violator which I’m apparently ban from telling everyone, my only belief why ccp wont act is because this person recently subed 4 account with real money.

So pointless reporting anything might as well just close ya eyes and move on…

The game is definitely more fun if you stop crying and complaining about everything, expecting CCP to fix everything you don’t like, and instead just play the game without all the endless whining and moaning.


This drives me crazy, so let’s try to make this clear.

EVERY account that is subscribed is subscribed with REAL MONEY.

If you Plex your subscription, someone bought that Plex with REAL MONEY. It didn’t just appear in the game, it was bought with MONEY.

yet here you are complaining lol rich that lol


Aiko never complains ever, that’s why she’s princess.
If you need to discuss EVE things that upset you I suggest you do it anywhere else but in this forum. Here, anything that criticizes EVE is called “whining”… call it a tradition, that’s the way it is.

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Seems a rather suspicious question to me, asking if they have given up with moderation.
Are YOU planning on jumping on the botting/scamming bandwagon?
Maybe your testing the water to see what other people are getting away with?

I think the light background is fine!

Have you seen any other game with more transparent moderation from things such as bots or spammers?

You can’t save the world! Do your part and simply report the suspected person and let the company process it to their ability. Every game will have spammers and Botters and account sellers.

Play the game :slight_smile: You will go crazy focusing on these small things. Report and move on, it’s like the offender are taunting you or something.


Yes thats for privacy reasons, they aren’t allowed to share the actions taken against other players with you

Not sure what you’re expecting, they lock things that go against the forum rules, its pretty obvious most of the time

See, if they were trying to impersonate him sure, having a similar name isn’t likely to be that big of an issue, do you realise how many John Smith’s are out there, if its a fairly common name it could just be people making them, and unless they are actually trying to pretend to be that person they aren’t breaking the rules as such, if they were logging in to the game and claiming to be x person then sure that would be impersonation and against the rules

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