[Giveaway Event] Old Proving Grounds memories - December 19-25

Hi all

Xmas is coming closer and I decided to do my first ever giveaway event. I will be hosting two giveaways this time: one on Twitch and one on Youtube. You can see the dates in the picture above.

The subject for this giveaway: The old Proving Grounds

BIG Giveaway:

The Big giveaway will happen on my Twitch. The topic of this giveaway will be the old proving grounds. This means, the prices include old proving ground classics. On December 19 and 20 I will be doing a memorial stream of these great times. I will be running Winter nexus sites, but from time to time I will play a replay of a great old fight. The giveaways will take place via either a raffle system or the marbles on stream tool.
You can win the following ships:

  • Ikitursa
  • Deimos
  • Gila
  • Orthrus
  • Curse
  • Cerberus

There are rumors telling that these ships might have the one or other module fitted! Watch out

Small Giveaway:

The small giveaway will take place on youtube. On Saturday, December 19, I will upload the final part of the Abyssal PVP Video series. I will be picking random comments using the youtube comment picker tool. The winners will be announced on December 25 with a video where I pick the winners. In order to participate here, you need to comment the video I will be linking once I uploaded it and leave your ingame name there, so that I can contract the prizes to you. The prizes for the small giveaway event are the little brothers of the above:

  • Kikimora (instead of Nergal, as it is far more valuable than the rest of the prizes)
  • Enyo
  • Worm
  • Garmur
  • Sentinel
  • Hawk

These ships might contain some modules too, or even PLEX, who knows?

I hope to see you all on my twitch stream the next weekend for a blasting giveaway, and some comments on the Abyssal PVP Arena 16 video.
This is as said the first time I do a giveaway, but I hope to do some more in the future, where I pick a topic and do a giveaway on my stream with prices fitting to that.

If you want to donate anything to me for either this giveaway or future ones, I’d appreciate that.



Big Giveaway:
Ikitursa: Cristym 04Commander
Cerberus: CrimsonWar
Orhtrus: conquor prestine
Curse: Vulkov Victur
Deimos: CrimsonWar
Gila: John Scoot

Small Giveaway:
Sentilel + 10 PLEX: Tyran Cometh
Hawk + 10 Plex: Kheo Sen
Enyo + 10 PLEX: Duke Shasta
Garmur: Grunt Kado
Kikimora: Grunt Kado
Worm: Duke Shasta

Received Donations: 0 Isk

Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/gustav_mannfred
Youtube link for small giveaway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vT1c6cB3IE

I had to redraw once as a comment did not have an ingame name.

so everything is ready for the weekend :slight_smile:

Really hoping that the old proving grounds come back as that was the most enjoyable content I had by far anyways I’ll be tuning into the streams as always

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The video for the small giveaway is live on Youtube, grab your chance for the frigs/destroyers!

Reminer, tomorrow the giveaway for the video closes, don’t miss your chance!

So the event has come to an end, thank you for everyone who participated!
I might do another event during the Guardians Gala event which should take place in February 2021.

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