Giving Skill Injectors and Overhaul

To help curb the use of Skill Injectors I think that Skill Injectors should be divided into race specific classes. For example you could purchase or find a Minmatar Skill Injector for the Battleship skill. The Minmatar Skill Injector for Minmatar Battleships would cost more than a normal injector but would give you more skills.

The draw back would be that if you used a Race Specific Skill Injector to boost a certain skill, you could only use one Race Specific Skill Booster every three days. Otherwise your clone’s head might get too fat with the sudden increase in skills resulting in an enlarged head and very tiny legs.

Another new type of Skill Injector would be Triglavian Skill Injectors that could be purchased or found in Abyssal sites. The Triglavian Skill Injector would give you the ability to increase the skills in any Triglavian skill by 25% compared to normal skill injectors. The drawback is that you would no longer be able to use normal skill injectors to inject points into Triglavian skills. Another bonus for using the Triglavian Skill Injectors would be that bonuses for weapon ranges, damage, shield and armor would also come with the Triglavian Skill Injector that would last a few hours up to three days.

What will this achieve?

If you are looking to limit the amount that can be injected then they are best turned into boosters that add training speed for X time. (though biology would apply I guess).

Its not really limiting but more so being specific with the Skill Injectors. The Race Specific Skill Injectors give more of a boost to specific skill training compared to the Generalized Skill Injectors that can be used with any skill.

Think of it this way, Your clones brain has a specific area set aside for training Minmatar Battleships. Using a Generalized Skill Injector doesn’t full target all of the nodes in the clones brain associated with Minmatar Battleships. But the Minmatar Battleship Skill Injector is injected directly into the core of the node where the Minmatar Battleship skill is kept thus increasing the amount of skill points.

So yes. It is limiting. Because a bonus from one direction is a limit from another.
Why? You’ve given no reason for this change beyond you want it.

The change is meant too increase the ability of the Alpha Clones to skill their ships up at a much faster rater. Most Vet Capsuleers are Omega’s or Top Level Alpha’s. Although the need of skills for Vets tops off around Super Carriers and with no new ships to press the challenge of skillig up like we did in the old days, the need for Alpha Capsuleers to skill up as fast as possible to reach Top Level Alpha state is the reason.

Being a Vet of Eve Online not only entails skilling up and showing Rookie Pilots the ropes, but such a rank also means that the Vet is chartered with a contract of sorts to ensure that the environment is more robust, engaging and dangerous then what we experienced when we first came out of the Clone Slop Shop.

That to me is a reason not to do it. If Alphas want nice things they can Fing pay for it like the rest of us.


No one really asked you, did they?

Did I say that the Alpha’s would get the injectors for free? You are just bitter because new things come along that you didn’t have when you first started playing that you wish you had when you first started out.

Alphas aren’t tossing down billions of isk for injectors. So this is pointless if that is the aim.

I already explained the reason behind the skill injectors. You just keep throwing nonsense replies up.

Ok then.
Produce some evidence that there is a significant alpha market out there who have billions of isk to spend each on skill injectors but the current injectors aren’t good enough at doing what they want.

hint, there is no evidence of that because the market you are trying to sell to doesn’t exist.

Spouting injectors in this way will simply raise the prices, because there will be smaller seller pools of each of the new four types.

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