[GKNES][Frat/Winterco] Gone Krabbing Is recruiting Industrialists/Ratters with claws!

Are you bored of high sec? The emptiness of Low Sec?!

Do you find yourself being a lonely Krab… do you find yourself being just another Krab in the pot?

Then take a vacation and Go Krabbing with us!

Join a community not just a corporation, you’re not just a number here!

Claw people to death! Munch on rocks for vitamins! And Support our local economy & Market.

“Gone Krabbing” is a laid-back null sec based corporation apart of the Fraternity alliance.

What we do:

  • Daily Mining Ops (rorq boosts ect)
  • Joint Industrial efforts to build anything from supers to rigs.
  • Weekly Strat/CTA Ops
  • Ratting, Combat anoms, 10/10’s
  • Mine corp and alliance owned R32’s and R64 Moons.
  • Corp buyback on almost anything

What we don’t do:

  • We do not have pap requirements, we only ask our members to contribute one fleet a month.
  • We will not force you to wake up at 3AM… We value Real Life first!
  • Roleplay as an actual Krab. (unless you choose so)

What we Require:

  • Omega status.
  • Working microphone and usage of TS/Mumble when needed.
  • Ability to fly doctrine ships (Muninn, Ferox,T1/T2 Logi etc)
  • 18+ Years of age
  • At least 10M SP.
  • Typical API/ESI Check for Spai stuff.

We’re a different kind of Krab! Join us and have fun!!

Join our pub: GKNES PUB
zkill: Gone Krabbing | Corporation | zKillboard
Website: Gone Krabbing – GONE KRABBING

Recruiters: Tanya Talon (eng)
Corp Mergers: Tanya Talon
Diplo: sslinger (eng)

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Let gets Krabby… Still recruiting.


are you a blue crab or an snow crab? join our pub and lets find out.

Had a great fleet fight yesterday… Join us on our next!

daily bump…

hey bump bump, come join the next big war.

The Krabs are off to war. want to join ? hop into our pub or poke me in game with a convo or mail.

bump! Come chill in our pub!

Restrictive but active recruitment! join today fight tomorrow.

Still recruiting, also looking for corps that want to fold into us, we accept Brothers of tangra and others.

Stop playing Valorant and hop in corp to hit some goon structures and caps.

Bump! we are providing free jackdaws for new members, we are also Plexing top killer in corp. and providing assorted other isk rewards for activity and kills.

Bump! we are recruiting again, we moved alliances to better serve our members and our focuses as a corp. we hope to see some new faces!

Good group and great set up. Best Null experience I’ve ever had. Check us out!

Bump, need a few more guys looking for pew pew in goonland!

Bump, Join today, Krab forever.

Bump, come by our pub and have a chat! Industrialists and miners are more then welcome!

Bump. Thanks

bump! looking for a few good krabs.