🌠 Gloom Credit Facilities (Loans & Other Finance)

:jigsaw: Gloom Surge Loan

Unsecured Loan up to 800M ISK repaid weekly over a maximum of 3 months. No collateral required. Representative 75.2% APR.

:gem: Gloom Collateral Loan

Provide assets for security on short term loans, collateral value as low as 70% subject to status. Amounts up to 10B ISK over a maximum of 12 months. Representative 17.6% APR

:stars: Gloom Demand Loan

Provide assets for security on a ISK advance with no set repayment schedule. Collateral value as low as 105% subject to status. Amounts up to 20B ISK. Representative 12.0% APR

:building_construction: Gloom Builder Loan

Poor credit? No problem. Unsecured Loan up to 250M ISK repaid weekly over a maximum of 6 months. No collateral required. Representative 144.2% APR.

:moneybag: How To Proceed

Before I can proceed with a finance application, you must first check your credit score at the GCB. Please contact me in-game with your reference number available on the score page, the amount desired and the amount of time you wish to repay over. Then we can begin your application. For more information about the Gloom Credit Bureau you can contact me in-game.

The GCB acts as an impartial entity and only allows audited, authorised agents to manage financial records. Gloom Financial is the lender.

Update 10/11/18: We have increased the maximum principal from 5B to 10B on our collateral loans after popular demand - with repayment periods up to 12 months now available.

Update 29/11/18: We have added a new product offering with no fixed repayment schedule and our lowest interest yet.

Update 14/12/18: Score is an indication only, we use the data collected via the reporting tool to assess affordability, which also affects whether you are accepted for a particular amount.

Update 19/01/18: We have increased the loan amounts available for our most popular unsecured facilities.

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The service above will now provide you with an eligibility score for each of the above products. The process is entirely automated and takes less than a minute.

How about an 80b loan with collateral?

We may be able to help with this depending on what the collateral is. But as we don’t accept collateral outside of high-sec NPC stations, we’d need to discuss in more detail. Feel free to reach out in-game if you want to discuss further.

What time is the best time ( in ET ) to Convo u ingame ?

14:00 to 19:00 ET as I am in the UK TZ. Thanks

As am I :+1: so I’ll try and get hold of you tomorrow

What details are you able to personally scrape from the registration / scoring process? You previously mentioned using financial and other information in your possession as leverage to reclaim ISK so I’m wondering if the registration process is a source of information for you personally or if it could be considered secure.

We use the aggregated statistics, which CCP builds and contains information such as how many mails you sent (not the mails), how many times you sent a message in corp chat etc… Wallet transactions are used to assess how you primarily fund your character, which is akin to a real bank checking your salary/employment before payout. Your current location is used for historical purposes and whilst the ESI interface does allow, we do not refresh the information unless collections activity takes place. We don’t rely on this as of course anyone can revoke the permissions from support.eveonline.com

Because there is a lot of data, we bank on the fact that we can use that data to improve our criteria in the future, so it’s chicken and egg - in that we must first have metrics to compare against, so that if loan agreements do fail we can find out in the context of EVE, why that was and what metrics might correlate to higher delinquency rates.

As for the credit bureau concept, we keep a record of everything submitted so that ESI, but it is never provided to anyone outside of the GCB. We create metrics and assessments based on the data, which can be purchased by corporations, but the capsuleer must consent, and all searches are recorded, whether they have an impact or not. (ie. application vs review)

The backend system is fairly basic but shows the information I would see if I were to randomly review a character, the more intricate details are only returned when a search is performed. The full search returns your wallet transactions, our interpretations of your ESI stats and ‘factors’ which essentially are things such as how long you’ve been in your current corp. The lender would then compare your capsuleers stats against the reasons you’ve given for wanting the loan and seeing if it matches up, it’s fairly easy to see when an active player is telling fibs during the application process.

I should add that much like a real credit bureau, applying for credit and having no accounts, good account, bad accounts etc… all affect your score and when you have more financial history your base score starts to matter less (the ESI stuff).


To clarify from my previous explanation above, it’s a source of information that helps validate the reason for the funding and how you will repay it. Personally, I use the information to improve the accuracy of the scoring yes, aside from that no. If someone doesn’t repay a loan, I want that information to mean something, I want to make sure I use that experience to prevent it happening again the best I can, and the reasonable answer to that is an entity like this.

Hypothetically speaking I could pass on information to corps/alliances, but this would damage the integrity of the service and reputation I’m trying to build with it. So in terms of security, it can be considered secure if you take my word, which you of course shouldn’t as this is EVE. But for now at least I’m hoping that through using the tool to screen potential applicants seeking funding from me, it’s acceptable to ask them to use this system.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: While I appreciate any attempt to push the boundries of the game, it must be said that what you’re building here is objectively un-secure. You and by extension your associates will have free access to locational data among a host of other details for your entire customer base for the duration of your business with them. While I can see this follows similar structures from the RL financial world, giving someone free access to your EvE location in return for credit to fill your ships sounds dangerous on more than one front. I think you’ll get a bunch of users purely to see what they score but major entities will I think steer clear.

Either way, I will watch this with beady eyes from the corner and see what happens.

I’m inclined to agree with you, as I am both the lender and the credit bureau - the separation of concerns exists conceptually only, which is certainly a concern for anyone who care about that data. Right now I’m looking to build that trust, and there is certainly much to do.

Will you lend me 1T against 700b collateral?

Name checks out :wink:


It’s funny you should mention it though. The reason we put that there is that people with existing history we’d be more inclined to offer less than 100% collateral dependant on value. Because we’re willing to give credit ‘unsecured’ we factor in this in the lending decision. Logic being if we were willing to offer up to 400M unsecured, accepting 1.6B collateral for a 2B loan is effectively the same thing. So even if we were able to offer a loan of 1T, we wouldn’t ever offer anyone 300B unsecured.

We’ve just added a new product offering. The demand loan is an advance of up to 20B with no fixed repayment schedule and a low interest rate between 2-40% depending on the goods provided.

No credit assessment is required for this form of finance, but paying the balance will improve your GCB report. A valid GCB report may reduce the interest we charge.

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We’ve had quite a few requests over the past few weeks of capsuleers asking to bypass the screening process and asking for amounts which do not reflect activity.

Your score is an interpretation of the data we collect about you. It does not reflect affordability or suitability for any form of finance we offer and each application is subject to human review. The products on offer are rigid and our system automatically compiles the agreement, payment schedule and rate, therefore we will only consider applications with regards to these products. From now on we will ignore any mail that ignores this.

Would like pledge 20B.

This is not an investment opportunity, we are a lender only and do not offer savings or bonds to the general public.

For those with poor evaluations and no existing history looking to build their credit relationship with us, the maximum borrowing amount for the popular Gloom Builder loan has been increased to 250M. We hope this will enable newer players to explore more options to progress their career. :rainbow:

The surge loan has also had the maximum increased to 800M for borrowers who need ISK quick without assets available to collateralise.