GM functionality

I’ve been trying to get in the game for 5 days.
I’ve gone thru 6 GM’s and 2 Senior GM’s
And I’m no closer getting into game than I was last week.
According to the logs, all the problems revolve around Macho.Net.
Tell me your experience.
And if I don’t get a GM reply, I’m going to start submitting tickets that are over due, and appropriate.

Seems bogus…

And what GMs can tell or do if you have connectivity problems en-route? It is not game’s fault if something outside preventing you from connecting. Contacting your ISP has higher chances of resolving the issue, if they care about customers.

P.s.: link does not work:




Hi there.

Ccp support does not respond to support tickets on the forums. You will not be able to get a response from a GM here. I ask that you keep the support staff up to date and to allow them more time to help resolve your issue. As this addreses the topic I will go ahead and close this.