GM Week 2020 - Potato PC Setup Competition

  • First Forum post, some pictures had to be uploaded some places else -

Thanks Lockdown for this wonderful setup. We got some serious amateur tinkering here. Everything is built around a spare Raspberry Pi and electronic parts stored in my parent’s basement. (I swear I don’t live in here).

Plugged everything together, juiced by old racecar, vape and old meteo station 18650 batteries. The speakers offer and astonishing game boy style sound atmosphere, and you can even fleet speak if needed by plugging an usb microphone.

Hadn’t any computer with me, had to legitimately requisition a friend’s one through a Parsec link, and remote play on a 7inch LCD screen. Got used to it. From time to time a yellow lighthning pops up with the Pie begging for mercy as it is low on juice, but otherwise everything run surprisingly smoothly.

Displayed here is the mobile setup, you can plug in a real keyboard + mouse for additional comfort. Obviously lost a little sight, but took the most out of my Myopia (kidding, only astigmatic) by being able to keep a full scale UI on that small screen. Would not advice newcomers to try first on this setup as many actions have to be made through guess and practice.

Last but not least, enclosed in a random spare 80s style electronic plastic box, everything is just tied together thanks to thoughts and prayers, and a slowly breaking plastic seal. If you split it up a little as seen above you can plug in an HDMI and use a better suited screen such as TV (There are tv everywhere). Make sure to turn on the salvaged computer fan before using this on a TV though, as the core temperature could go well above reasonnable standards.

This potato setup is about to turn into a MacGyver one, as a 3D printed case allowing easy access to HDMI, more stable power supply and amovible and multifonctional rear cover is on the way. But it’s been postponed. I’m running short on ISKs, and you’ve got to get your priorities straight.

Best regards, Fly unsafe,

So who won?

Think ya got 2nd place m8. Her’es the link for the award stuff if the video is still up. Starts at 59min 30sec for the Potato PC Setup Competition

Awesome, thanks. I’m an idiot for not checking my email or in game tickets.

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