GM Week 2020 - Potato PC Setup Competition

Honored Capsuleers!

Are you a player determined to make everything and anything work? A veritable space-MacGyver when it comes to the computer you want to play on? Then we have a competition for you.

We want to see your badly optimized computer setup that has no business running EVE Online - but still does! This includes the hardware in the machine used to run EVE Online and the actual battle-station itself, within health and safety regulations of course.

A CRT monitor sitting on an open, flat computer case using an on-board graphics card on an outdated motherboard, all standing on a table made out of cardboard boxes? Please snap a few pictures with different angles and send us an email with them to, along with the hardware specifications of it and video proof that you manage to play EVE Online on it (by undocking or mining for example. Bonus points if you manage to destroy others!), and you might just be the winner in this competition! Subject of the email should be Potato PC Setup, and remember to detail your user name and character name.

You can also share your creations and achievements in the field of Potaputer-Science™ right here in this thread!

Submissions are open now, and we will accept them until 23:59 UTC on Thursday, September 17th. The winners will be revealed on Friday the 18th, selected by a professional critics of computer setups.

The winners will receive the following prizes:
1st place: 3 SKINs (1x Eden’s Hunters SKIN of your choice, 1x Helmatt’s Harriers SKIN of your choice & 1x Oasis of Faith SKIN of your choice) and 1500 PLEX.
2nd place: 2 SKINs (1x Kybernaut Clade SKIN of your choice. 1x Inner Zone Vanguard SKIN of your choice) and 1000 PLEX.
3rd place: 1 SKINs (1x Helmatt’s Harriers SKIN of your choice.) and 500 PLEX.

Additionally, all winners will receive a bundle of collectible items associated with GM Week.

May the worst (functional) computer win!


I did a video… not sure if that’s technically allowed so I’ll send an email as well XD


Would a 299 Euro laptop from 2015 with only the onboard Intel™ Graphics extention count as potato?

images - 2020-09-15T091615.364


Mining Command Center

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no photo (sorry) but I have a Toshiba L755D laptop that still runs EVE in total potato mode.


AMD E-350 APU (dual core 1.6, on-die AMD Radeon HD 6310 dual core graphics)
500GB Seagate hybrid
15.6" panel
Windows 7 Home Premium CR1 64-bit

The case looks awesome (Modena red with white keyboard, black bezel and no battery - which only died last year, not bad for a laptop that I bought in 2012)

Also: again no photo, but a custom build:

AMD quad core FX-4300 black edition clocking 4.4GHz
AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB GPU (it would be a 2GB R7370 but my power supply has a major undervolt problem on the 12V rail which I’m sure is entirely down to the busted motherboard)
500GB spinny thing
Asrock 970 Pro3 mainboard with 1 working USB port
TP-Link PCI-Express wireless

And until late last year, I had EVE running (albeit at probably 8FPS) on a 2011 Samsung dual core Celeron 2.1GHz laptop with 2GB RAM and Intel chipset graphics.

Spectrum eve
Had to rewrite Eve in BASIC, but had a lot of time over the pandemic.


Well, my current setup is

Motherboard: (I don’t remember the model, however it only supports LGA1155 socket processors)
Processor: Intel G1610 Celeron
GPU: GTX 1050 2GB
RAM: 12GB (A stick of 8 and a stick of 4, and no, I’m not removing the 4gb, it comes in handy a lot)

I’d like to add that I don’t really need to kill, logi anchoring is more hardcore, could go even harder by removing some stuff from my setup.

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I got an RTX for the raytracing that CCP announced way back when. So I’m over patatoeing my puter for absolutely nothing. Thank CCP.

Yes, I like to mine moons. But I don’t anymore.


I essentially play on a tablet. 5 year old Surface Pro 4

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Well I had to choose the most potato of them all.

I have an Acer Iconia windows tablet that plays eve (5 years old?)
I have my monstrosity in an eatx server case that is based on an Asus ROG maximus IV which has no nvme onboard support but I strapped one in there.
Or there is my biostar ddr2 1066 system with 8 gig of ram and a 200g HDD for windows and eve which is potato mode (my fall over system if this doesn’t work)
But then I remembered I had computer on a wooden board that ran eve re-read the post and realised OH&S would not like a computer sitting on a board (I’ll attach a photo of the board) so it’s going into an Antec case circa 2002? And I have to replace the HDD because apparently windows XP and a 20 gig HDD isn’t enough to play eve anymore.

So into the new case and a reinstall of windows is underway
(I’ll edit this post when I have the full specs and it’s up and running properly)

Partial system specs;

  • mouse classic A4 tech trackball mouse model ok-720
  • keyboard dell sk-8110 PS2 keyboard (I couldn’t find my classic PS1 keyboard found the adapter’s to make it fit on a PS2 port though.
  • monitor some old monitor that has a Dell brand on the front however lost the mount and the bake plate years ago.
  • case Antec 4ru rack mount server case
    -psu one Antec TP-480 Blue (it hasn’t exploded yet!)
  • disk drive one generic DVD ROM (IDE)
  • HDD (upgraded from the 20 gig mini ide drive) something without a label I’ll update when I know what’s the spec of the drive (80 gig drive?)
  • Ram some ddr2 ram no label no idea of capacity I’ll update when I know. (2gig possibly?)
    -CPU whatever was in this motherboard
    -network card- dual redundancy network cards with WIFI backup (PCI of course) I’ll get the spec if I can
  • one emergency shutdown power board with independent breaker for if this catches on fire.
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Here is another photo of the WIP

I knew all along that a Boomer would win this competition.

Well done… Remembering the books of code that could be purchase at the newsagent for the 8bit Tandy.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-31. I apparently ran it too hot over the past four years, so it heats up wicked quick. I realized this summer that if I put it on top of a box fan, that I could play for more than a couple hours. The laptop weighed down too much on the box fan I tried, so I put two tree measuring sticks, that we use on the farm, to keep the laptops weight off of the box fan, so that the fan can spin. I found out that if I put three ice cubes in on the laptop, tied with the fan, that I can run it continually the entire day playing Eve, have zkill,, wh mapper, evemarketer, and one youtube video up. I plexed a 2nd account and found that I can run two accounts simultaneously the whole day if I only have a wh mapper, zkill, and up, although I have to switch out for fresh ice cubes every 45min rough. Whenever my data reset on my phone that past six months, I would move my whole setup into the breezeway and use my phone’s hotspot. The breezeway would be roughly 80 degrees farenheit, so I’d have to switch out the ice cubes roughly every 30min, but I had a much better connection than anywhere else in the house so it was worth the more regular switching of ice cubes. My college set up is almost identical, except I put my mini-fridge right beside my desk so I don’t have to walk through a couple rooms just to get ice. I’m now on my third G602 mouse, of which I busted the wheel early on 'cause I thought it was good idea to use it for my dscan instead of my keyboard.

Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2601 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

System Info: System Manufacturer Panasonic Corporation
System Model CF-31SALGB1M
System Type x64-based PC

Graphics card?: Intel® HD Graphics 4000 OK


Harddrive: 500 HDD

Screen: 13 in or 13.1 in

Regular UI setup while playing:

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Amd Athlon 64 X2 4400 dual core 2.3GHz, 4Gb Ram, MB m3a78-emh with onboard video card amd HD 3200, 80Gb PATA HDD



Y’all are wack

So update to my potato mode system… it ran eve… for 30 seconds then the power-supply exploded tripping the earth leakage… no more potato mode.