GM Week 2020 - Short Story Competition

Sooooooo… Any updates?

I heard they had a lot of last minute submissions, so in order to be fair to everyone they’re taking the extra time to go through them all.

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I’m also interested in how things are going…

Just asked CCP on Twitch.

Short Story winner will be announced next week. We had a bunch more submissions than we expected so we decided to rather than just skim them we’d take a bit more time to read them.


So, any news? I’m guessing there’ll be a stream this week or something?

Can we get some sort of update before this post is deleted, please?

Damsel - Hello Kruul! Want to hang out today?
Kruul - Again? Leave me alone already!
Damsel - But I have a very nice surprise for you if you take me to that nightclub as usual… - smiles coquettishly, as she walks up to him, her sizable breasts jiggling and wide hips moving lustfullly with each step she takes - .…just one more time, pleeeease.
Kruul (running away) - … … Noooo! Enough!
Damsel (chasing him) - it will be fun, I promise!

Don’t worry! “Next week” is still going until Sunday, so this contest isn’t forgotten yet.


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