Rogue’s Gallery Fan Fiction Writing Contest

Today, we are announcing the first annual Rogue’s Gallery Fiction Writing Contest. From now until September 4th, submit your original fiction story set in the world of New Eden. Submissions may be provided either by posting directly to our blog or by email at When sending by email please specify your in-game name and whether you would like to submit anonymously. The winner, chosen arbitrarily, will receive 50 Plex.

Terms and Condition

What? Do I look like a lawyer? This is just a fun little contest. All that I ask is that your submission be an original work (of yours) that has not been previously published. By submitting said work, you give us an unlimited right to use said work on our website. To be clear, Eve Online is the property of CCP Games but it is our understanding that this kind of non-commercial use of their IP would constitute Fair Use under most copyright laws. However, we will comply with any requests by CCP Games to remove such content from our website. Removal will not invalidate your submission to the contest (but would be a real dick move on their part).

Good luck!

Rogue’s Gallery Fan Fiction Writing Contest


Submission #1 by @Krizza_Karez : New Hek Order
A call to arms for all loyal Heklers.

Submission #2 by @Aria_Ronuken : Just Dig
A day in the life… for a capsuleer, anyways.

Submission #3 by @Klin_Gon : Logging Faith and Cutting Flesh
You gotta have faith.

Submission #4 by @Ambarr Dishwataah : Salvaged
How do you salvage a life?

Voting is now open.

And the winner is…

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The Rogue Drones, shall their revenge.

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