GM Week 2020 - Worst Ship Fit Competition frogot to put my loss in here and wont let me edit it

My video is rendered, uploaded and now YouTube needs to finish processing it. But eventually, you’ll be able to see it here.

Three fits: Griffin, Navitas and Bellicose. Then I ran out of time.

having seen a few ship fits that fell under mercy kills ya i have seen some bad fits thankful not mine

OP says results would be announced on 18th. Where did they announce? Guess i missed it.

I’ve asked the same question in the story thread and someone answered: Apparently there were too many last-minute entries and they wanted more time to read all the entries.

I assume something similar happened here, and we’re getting the announcement on Monday now.

(CCP mentioned this on a Twitch-Stream, but forgot to update the forums, again.)

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@GM_Goat Any chance we could get an update as to the winners of this contest?


Hi Guys,

GM week awards stream mentioned the winners of this event.

3rd Place - Zuri Sae Kouyama - Logistic Ares
2nd Place - Penguin 68 - Everything fitted Gnosis
1st Place - Novacat 13 - Laser Rifter

Video still available on twitch :slight_smile: !

Could you also please tell us on which Twitch-channel, for those of us (me) too dumb to find it?

I went through all of the channels listed under “EVE Online”, but apparently none of them are the official one? I’m now a bit at a loss. The link in the launcher just goes to the EVE Online category, and then leaves you hanging.

Hi there !

Here it is, awards start at 50:00 !


But also, you absolute bastard! That “m.” in the link made it impossible for me to follow the channel for some reason, it drove me nuts until I noticed the url of Twitch I had open in a different tab didn’t have that. I don’t know why you added that? Or is that just some weird thing Twitch sometimes has?

When googling this problem, there were a lot of people who had related troubles with Twitch. Weird.

I want to nominate my oponents in the last RvB FFA :wink:
My Ship

Especially the top dmg here :wink:

more kills

4 Involved Damage
Artemis Tyrannos Drifter Battleship Lux Kontos 417,131 72.7%
Apollo Tyrannos Drifter Battleship Lux Kontos 153,001 26.7%
Gistior Seizer Angel Cartel 3,317

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What were you doing? You’re crazy, Frostman.

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