GM Week 2021 Cosplay Contest - Community Vote


It is time to see all of the entries in the cosplay competition that we ran for GM Week and select the Community Vote Winner!

We have 20 entries in the competition for you guys to see, and ask that you choose your favorite in the poll below the entries.

The judged placements will be revealed after the weekend, when we can also announce the winner of this popular vote.

May the best cosplayer win!

Entry 1:
Sheltark Sykari


Entry 2:
Carol Hernandez

Spinning in station

Entry 3:
Lou Lingg

Ceul Darieux

Entry 4:
Miss Hyde the tiger

“Hello, I will be your InterBus flight attendant today. Have a nice ride.”

Entry 5:
Uncle Thelzar

No need for legs in a pod

Entry 6:
Grey Ignis

The Pirate of Pochven

Entry 7:
Araknos BloodFeather

Triglavian Bioadaptive suit

Entry 8:

An unsung hero of Myrskaa City

Entry 9:
Khaprice Hesperax

Minmatar outfit

Entry 10:
Citizen Saw

Not so peaceful when provoked

Entry 11:
Zygmunt Kanapka


Entry 12:
Mih Rai


Entry 13:
Victory Bear


Entry 14:


Entry 15:
Sven Saltzburg

Amarr Victor

Entry 16:
Pandora Singularity

Presenting Pandora Singularity

Entry 17:
Orion Betarigel

Amarr pirate

Entry 18:
Lucas Armarlio

Sisters Of Eve Combat Suit

Entry 19:
Adam Chęciński

Blood Raiders will always remind you of Sani Sabik

Entry 20:
Xeromus Plague

I became a triangle


Please make your selection here. The winner will be revealed when the poll closes.

You can only make one selection, so vote with your heart!

Best Cosplay in competition
  • Entry 1: Sheltark Sykari
  • Entry 2: Carol Hernandez
  • Entry 3: Lou Lingg
  • Entry 4: Miss Hyde the Tiger
  • Entry 5: Uncle Thelzar
  • Entry 6: Grey Ignis
  • Entry 7: Araknos BloodFeather
  • Entry 8: Trii
  • Entry 9: Khaprice Hesperax
  • Entry 10: Citizen Shaw
  • Entry 11: Zygmunt Kanapka
  • Entry 12: Mih Rai
  • Entry 13: Victory Bear
  • Entry 14: valent0524
  • Entry 15: Sven Saltzburg
  • Entry 16: Pandora Singularity
  • Entry 17: Orion Betarigel
  • Entry 18: Lucas Armarlio
  • Entry 19: Adam Chęciński
  • Entry 20: Xeromus Plague

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Some participants do not appear


I think that’s because it was posted a little bit too late (by like an hour and a half, depending on where you’re located). According to the blog post, “Entries for the EVE Cosplay Contest, announced several weeks ago, will be accepted all week until 23:59 UTC 24 September”

It kind of sucks though, yours is really nice.


o/ I made the Sisters of Eve Advanced Combat suit out of cardboard, some magnets and a glue gun. I documented every stage of my build (completed pictures at the bottom) if you’re interested how I made it.

I absolutely love everyone’s entries and I hope CCP does something like this again; so more people can enter.

Best of luck to everyone o7


Yet she has 29 minutes left, ( 23H31 UTC ) :pleading_face:, I admit his cosplay was really nice :S, yours is great too :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the consideration. I am “Victory Bear”. I probably should have put my name in the post.

If you would like to see the backstory behind my entry and some further sourcing of the historical authenticity please check the following posts. Good luck everyone!

The Water Baron - Fiction Portal / Intergalactic Summit - EVE Online Forums
The Water Baron - Sources - Fiction Portal / Player Fiction - EVE Online Forums


Sad that not all entries made it to the vote but even so, many more than I dared to dream! Fantastic stuff everyone :heart:


I tried to place my vote for this one, put a check mark in the box and selected ‘Vote Now’ and then nothing, nada, zip…

Citizen Saw? Let’s see how this turns out, there’s a first time for everything.

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Amazing set of entries. Good luck everyone!


Props to those of you in this poll who entered costumes rather than bad photoshops.


how do you know if your vote counted?

Check to the see if the number of votes increased is how I did it.

All great costumes, and hopefully some day we will all get to meet again and see them in person! Here are a few photos of the Venture up close. I hope you enjoy.


Huge respect for the work that went into this. “May the best costume win”, sure, but I’d be disappointed if you don’t win anything next Thursday. As you said, I also look forward to seeing yours in person. Here’s a few of my WIP’s:


Araknos BloodFeather so cool!! Is the mask 3D printed?

The mask, neck wires, chest piece and all the solid doodads on the suit are, actually! In addition to being my hobby, I actually work with 3D printers for a living. I’m a bad painter, so it was natural for me to edit the model to give me “lines” to follow for the paint, or it wouldn’t have looked that clean otherwise.


hahahahahaahahahahahaha best cosplay ever!!!