[GMVA] Petition to Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime, RE: SEMIKI

(Rinai Vero) #24

At this point I’d like to urge everyone to calm down, as things have obviously gotten out of hand. To be clear, I was taking a shot at Kim for her open sympathies for the Templis Dragonaurs and my reference to past terrorist attacks was meant as a reminder of the heinous crime that group committed at Nouvelle Rovenour. I should probably be more restrained in my rhetoric against her, but getting overheated in a conversation with Kim is a failing we’re all prone to.

And another quick note: it is one thing for someone as delusional as Kim to imagine an “invasion plot” behind every GMVA or Federation action. The rest of you should know better. In both this topic, and the one posted by SICH there have been repeated accusations of some nefarious plot to violate Caldari sovereignty. Accusations, but no evidence of any sort that GMVA or SICH has done anything but offer genuine assistance and support during this crisis.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #25

Is this the same Doctor Devara who’s hot off of using her CODE buddies to destroy a fortizar as blackmail over a lawsuit?

If so, you’ve a funny way of choosing your allies.

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(Julianus Soter) #26

I do appreciate the responses from our Caldari capsuleer colleagues, and will address the following points:

  1. That comparing this event to the Kyonoke crisis is unfounded or irresponsible:

First, we all morn the loss of life during the Kyonoke Plague, and the millions it destroyed. However, this situation currently has spread to possibly four stations inside the Semiki system. Millions of lives are at stake. We know from painful memory that it is impossible to evacuate space stations quickly, and that hundreds of thousands of souls may be contained with in each one https://community.eveonline.com/news/news-channels/world-news/ishukone-statement-otro-gariushi-confirmed-dead/.

Additionally, it is a given that we should not evacuate these stations, as the personnel involved, and the stations themselves, are now a pathway of contagion. Any ship that interacted with the station beyond that of quarantined Capsuleer interfaces may spread this virus to new star systems.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, our very limited, fragmentary data regarding this situation indicates that the virus is acting in an emergent, learning behavioral process, inflicting damage or expanding its capabilities as it gains control over new systems. If, for example, it accesses the primary magnetic field containment for the reactor plant, then the result would be devastating and impossible to stop. Millions could die.

  1. That the victims of this infestation are primarily Caldari State citizens so thus, the Federation has no legal reason or necessity to be involved to assist in the resolution of this crisis:

Given the fact that Aliastra has hundreds of thousands of employees in Semiki, and indeed, several Gallente-registered agents, such as Ouse Ponne, Aernerault Reyrlouttes, and Archanneaert Euls, and their associated support staffs, it is a given we are looking at tens of thousands of Gallente nationals now trapped within the stations, along with any vessels from Federation space that were impounded in dock during the initiation of this event.

We are attempting to petition the Federal Senate to respond to this grave crisis in an effort to resolve it, for the good of both the Caldari and Federation citizens impacted by this crisis. Indeed, any effort to help would primarily benefit the Caldari State. Why turn us away? Rogue drone technology is one of the main focuses of CreoDron, and they should be engaged immediately.

  1. That this petition is requesting the Federal Navy or any other military or intelligence branch of the Government to intervene in this crisis.

We are not requesting this. Nobody is. Could Neutron Blaster Cannons cure a computer virus in a person’s brain? No. Please stop asserting this point and we will move on to more productive topics.


Julianus Soter
Executor, Villore Accords

(Valerie Valate) #27

If I was a Federation citizen, and General Soter was standing as a candidate, I would definitely consider voting for him. He is truly a paragon of many virtues such as civic duty and so on.

But I’m not.

(Saint Michaels Soul) #28

“Could Neutron Blaster Cannons cure a computer virus in a person’s brain? No.”

Trust me. I’ve researched extensively.

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(Diana Kim) #29

It certainly can delete the virus, stopping risk of further infestation.

(MantelGlobalIndustries) #30

I have my own opinions on the use of violence to influence the outcome of legal proceedings, and I am certain that the employment of it will have a marked effect on the resolution at the conclusion of the ongoing dispute between the two aggrieved parties. That said, Doctor Devara is one of the foremost capsuleer experts in this particular field, with a litany of accolades achieved by herself and her staff. My decision to involve her within the relief efforts were driven by the desire to aid in protecting the lives and livelihoods of those afflicted upon the Aliastra station. A legal declaration and prosecution of warfare between two capsuleer corporations as stipulated under CONCORD legislation, whilst the justifications are somewhat questionable, were not a factor to be considered in this decision.

As for you, General Soter, I don’t take issue with the possibility of Federal assistance in this matter. I welcome it, in fact, should the authorities in charge wish to collaborate on a joint-investigation that has undoubtedly brought great strife and insecurity to a Federal-registered corporation’s operations within State borders. Aliastra provides employment opportunities for millions of State citizens and Federal expatriates, imparting upon them gainful skills and wages to contribute to the whole of society. That is not what I protest with my statement.

I am questioning the necessity of the shameful sensationalism in your petition which seeks to appeal to emotional rather than rational thought, and the inaccuracies or outright false comparisons you have made in the contents of said petition. I’ll highlight a couple that stood out to me for your convenience.

I didn’t realise that out-of-control transit vehicles, malfunctioning artificial gravity, disrupted communication systems and corrupted implants designed to assist individuals with their workload on the day to day has found commonality within the minds of ‘many in the Federation’ to the Kyonoke Crisis of YC119. You know, when entire cities were domed off, orbital facilities severed to their links to the planet below and millions of citizens of all stripes perishing from such a frightful pestilence that DEVOURS ONES BRAIN, amongst other symptoms.

Millions could perish from an uncontrolled reactor meltdown or breach in primary methods of containment shielding. However, modern reactor designs are certainly built with that possibility in mind, especially those designs that find their origin from the Federation and were most likely utilised in the construction of the Semiki Warehouse’s powerplant. The Federation has long since harnessed the power of the atom and fusion power, and thus has considerable experience in ensuring that these methods of generating power have adequate redundancies and contingency plans in effect. Are you accusing Aliastra and by extent, the wider Federation energy industry let alone the regulatory agency of the Federated government, of a lack of foresight to conceive of such a cyberwarfare assault on safety systems? Again, another appeal to emotional fallacy.

We aren’t. We simply request that for the good of those citizens, both State and Federal, that any formal petition to the Federation Senate contains facts, and not grandstanding information from someone who was denounced by the senior leadership of the Federal Intelligence Office for gross incompetence.

The Government of the Federation does have a legal mandate to ensure that the protections granted to it’s citizens under the Constitution are upheld, and thus I am certain that if Aliastra made a request for assistance itself to the Senate or to the appropriate authorities then specialist elements tailored to the nature of the mission can be deployed, so long as compliance with the Iyen-Oursta Treaty is ensured.

(Diana Kim) #31

Why would you even dare to think we can’t solve it by our own forces without Federal intervention? The State is strong, proud and independent, capable of resolving all internal conflicts and issues without foreign help!

Why turn you away? Becasue you are the enemies, who started this war. We saw how you came to help in that nyx you mentioned before in p.1. Do you think we are that dumb to allow that happen again? Who can trust a gallente after that, when instead of helping economically you just ram peaceful stations?

We pretty much know that rogue drones are your technology, after all, it you who released this blight on our cluster, so they can realize your such beloved ideals of freedom - doing whatever they want without consequences. And what rogue drones want? Just take everything and disassemble into component materials to build more hives. Why do you think we will even consider letting you manipulate these technologies in our space, when there is a significant chance you’ll just enhance them to make them even more deadly instead of helping?

And speaking about same Aliastra members, Alexander Noir sacrificed his own crew to achieve this little victory for the Federation. What if you plan to sacrifice these gallenteans to do something even worse in the territory of our State?

Nope, we are not that dumb as you think and we aren’t going to step on same rake twice. We already got one bump on our head because we trusted gallentean swines.

(James Syagrius) #32

Goodness, we are feeling our oats these days, aren’t we? Since we like veiled threats here is one for you. Know your weak spots.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #33

The Iyen Oursta treaty only allows a corporation to select a security provider for its own territory. In relation to Aliastra, it does not cover the interdiction or destruction of a security provider in the space outside of an Aliastra station if the CEP so desires since that space is the sovereign territory of the State.

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(Rinai Vero) #34

It takes a lot of gall to accuse us of sensationalism when CONCORD is running roughshod attempting to confiscate critical resources with little to no explanation as to why. Furthermore, we have based our petition in fact, if not on information directly quoted in official news, then on conclusions that have been drawn as much by the self proclaimed experts over at ARC as by us.

As I said earlier, if anything we have been restrained in our estimates of the impact of this crisis. Based on known population capacities of space station infrastructure, the number of people at risk on the Aliastra station alone could easily be in the hundreds of thousands.

I’m frankly amazed at how desperate you must be to bury your head in the sand about the grave nature of this threat. Speaking of cheap rhetoric meant only to appeal to emotion, that an officer of the State would invoke the word of a Black Eagles stooge to discredit someone seeking only to offer much needed assistance to your people is a low thing indeed. Mentas Blaque and Thoun Gatarau precipitated the slaughter of thousands of Republic and Federation naval personnel at Colelie through their intransigence, if there has ever been a more obvious example of “gross incompetence” than that day I haven’t seen it.

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(Havohej) #35

Well, if we’re being fair and honest about the whole thing, the Gallente have always been disgraceful and disrespectful. And, again, being fair and honest, Soter has always been a poster child for both of these supremely Gallente traits.

(MantelGlobalIndustries) #36

To be frank with you sir, to blazes with that line of thinking.

I know my history, and history is filled with great deeds and shameful acts that have been committed by all sides. To say that one side has always been this or that is a simple untruth, and certainly not for the Federation, a nation-state that has endured hard lessons over the duration of it’s existence.

General Soter isn’t the Federation, one person does not reflect the attitudes of every single Federation citizen. I personally know plenty of Gallente and Federals alike that express the utmost respect and gracefulness in their dealings with myself and others.

(Havohej) #37

I came here to make fun of Gallente in order to needle Azazel, while also taking the opportunity to throw a jab at Soter in particular. And look at you being oh, so very cosmopolitan. Your spirit of broad inclusivity is commendable and duly noted.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be over here, saying things to annoy Drakonis.

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(Rinai Vero) #38

By all means, why not indulge a little personal grudge satisfaction when thousands of lives are at stake?

Everyone else is doing it!

(Havohej) #39

Precisely! You get it.

(Ioannis Sepphiros) #40

I would like to offer our take on this from a neutral perspective. Our agenda is known, as SICH we are looking into the betterment of human condition in any manner we can. However, Director Adams, even as neutrals, we have been at the receiving end of various insults to our work. Insults that in fact have made us understand the rationale behind Villore Accord’s petition. And one that, quite shockingly, of all the personalities in the bloc you represent, of all people you are one who continues those insults. If anything, this is to demonstrate some perspective. It is not to take any sides, which we do not.

Let’s take things from the beginning, shall we? Semiki solar system is filled with four stations. Two Caldari, owned by Ishukone and Wiyrkomi respectively; one Gallente, and one Republic. So far, two out of the four have been affected by (if we are to take at face value the news that has aroused suspicion) some internal Megacorporation powerplay. Powerplay that extends to affect citizens of all corners of New Eden.

The technology behind the Semiki crisis is quite unknown. The intricacies that are raised have been ones where the mentions of Rogue Drones (if it wasn’t bad enough) mix with potential Drifter and Triglavian influences. This could mark one of the most lethal combinations that we have yet encountered. Now that we have some perspective of the magnitude of the potential threat, what you called “shameful sensationalism”, it is time to review the timeline and facts of the Caldari loyalist bloc into addressing this interstellar crisis.

We begin with the outright favoritism that Ishukone has displayed to allow a dubious (at best) organization that has, time and again, revealed it will partner with entities that pose a great hazard to the well-being of the so-called big four themselves. Then you have I-RED/HECON partnering openly with CODE affiliates, subjects who bear several ties or personal friendships with Angel Cartel operatives and loyalists. You have all the above who promise to safeguard all citizens within the Semiki solar system and solve the crisis. Of course, it’s natural for the whole bloc to display their presence. You wish justice for your megacorporation, and you are willing to do whatever you deem necessary. But how far will things go for you to satisfy playing politics with actually looking out for the best of the cluster? Let’s review this.

Within this context, if you are placed in a position of Duty, your personal opinions on the matter should not be a concern to anyone, yourself included. Upon your decisions and the capacities that you possess, rest the fates of human lives. Yet, personal capacity seems to play a huge role in this openly political and operational decision.

Firstly, your answer gives out that you believe the coalition you have assembled, while partnering with the rest of the Bloc, is one that is more than capable to tame this first of its kind crisis. Secondly, you spin the CONCORD legislation to provide justification to give access to CODE and Angel Cartel affiliates as somehow justified. In the meantime, the upheaval in the wake of Captain Drust’s (i.e. CONCORD) intervention diverted the Semiki situation toward a political charade. A charade which also triggers and reveals a bloc in a non unified manner regarding what to do with CONCORD. So much so that there would be a petition even to CONCORD while the discussions of the committee(between CEP and CONCORD) hadn’t even begun. Thirdly, aside from spinning, you also openly disregard the questionable aspects those of what is now a partner of yours (which is placed to safeguard human lives), who only weeks ago destroyed a scientific citadel. I hope you understand how this reveals your judgement on these matters.

The politics that you espouse make one wonder. Will you even allow for more dubious minds to safeguard citizens of the State and of other nations? Because I can assure you there are brighter minds even to the very lawless periphery regions of New Eden. Will we see Serpentis agents partnering up with you in the future? Why not? You already permit Angels and CODE. It might as well align with your personal opinion, let alone spinning the Law to make it work.

Where does all that leave us? Let’s recap for those with short attention span.

  1. Favoritism from Ishukone that permits a questionable assembly of parties
  2. A creation of raised gates and walls that betray naivete (at best) regarding your assembly as being the brightest (as if this is a competition) and whose solutions should gain automatic primacy.
  3. Understanding and employing the Law as it befits best the interests of promoting your bloc.

Now having examined your behavior, let’s examine the behavior of Villore Accords (GMVA). As you may know, GMVA is a member of Rhea Initiative. However, under that capacity, GMVA is not bound by any means to participate in every activity that Rhea Initiative will undertake. As a truly independent initiative, we in SICH wouldn’t break the sovereignty of either nation. Ours is an effort where we are here to provide the best we can, and the more that work is acknowledged, the more we are bound to contribute. Once known to Director Soter, and despite the lack of national alignment binding GMVA to us I remind you, these tenets impacted their decision to use Rhea Initiative as a vector whereby both Aliastra and Ishukone would benefit from our research. GMVA could have decided to undertake the effort to promote conflict between interests of the Federation and State. They could, according to your rationale of spinning the CONCORD regulation, create an offshoot corporation for the duration of the Semiki Crisis and erect a citadel in Semiki. The same could be done by us as SICH. But both of our organizations, alongside our partners in Rhea Initiative, decided against this, because aiming to create goodwill and a foundation for prospective partnerships, was the goal here. And how were we greeted? With insults. Both in our statement as SICH and now through here, the constant discussion from the Caldari side is focused towards the non-issue of intervention by GMVA. We have publicly shared our information, we have also approached this to defuse tension. We didn’t come and play the self-entitled card. We came in an attempt to help.

Let’s acknowledge that you clearly do not care for SICH nor Rhea Initiative. As an example, your organization just partnered up with known CODE affiliates who destroyed our scientific citadel less than a month ago. What about Villore Accords however? What about whoever else is to provide help? What did you do to raise goodwill? Did you share information that is also important for them to be aware of? Did you try to establish means of communication? Did you reach out? Did you try to reassure those who struggle as best they can to better their homeland and its citizens? Of all the people, you Monsieur, should be aware of what motivates them. Even to this moment, where there are potential terrorist threats elsewhere in the State - terrorists who might as well be partnered with those you allow past the gates - you grandstand with accusations.

No one other than yourself does this. You get into details over the legitimacy of the petition that is entirely a matter of GMVA and the Senate, dictating in accordance with what suits your needs. Instead of trying to address the crisis, your responses raise tension, Monsieur. With the cluster watching this situation, you don’t make a very compelling case. So where does that leave GMVA and others who act? Rightfully trying to do whatever it is they can do. The fact they do it by following Federal protocol is to be commended. Not to be regarded as ‘shameful sensationalism’. As an independent entity, it also makes me sit and wonder. Could you imagine, for argument’s sake, if your bloc behaved in the manner you have shown? What would happen if we reverse the roles and this situation was a Federation issue with Ishukone being involved? Would your bloc accuse Rhea of intervention when, to borrow Commander’s Vero words, there hasn’t been any evidence of that.

I hope that the Semiki Crisis ends harmlessly. I hope with all my will that you manage to tame this beast. I am certain that Director Soter does so as well as well as everyone else watching. To believe that, just because someone suggested that current circumstances and responses echo the events of the Kyonoke outbreak, and to disregard them because of that - it might just as well be self-fulfilling prophecy. This might be a different beast from Kyonoke altogether. We can hope that it is nothing major with no lasting impact. Unless you happen to know something we don't, everything remains a possibility.

I will close by reminding that the pen is mightier than the sword, a cliche coined a long time ago. But you, Monsieur, might have been swinging that sword far too much lately. So much so, the way you handle the pen might make it break. For no matter how eloquently you might edit your words to sound refined to a select audience, there is intent behind those words that betrays the reality behind them. Especially for those of us who can see things just for what they are. I hope we can have a discussion sometime in private, I wouldn’t want us to derail this thread more. Despite the critique posed, the aim is not to harm, but to provide a perspective that perhaps eludes you Director Adams. A perspective which you may not have the luxury right now to possess, given the admitted pressure you find yourself to be in. A perspective which for some just might happen to be inconvenient for them to point out to you.

(John Revenent) #41

Nothing about Soter inspires a sense of neutrality, no matter how you try to justify it. You’ll also find due to his past actions no State loyalist will sit idle and let him play politician when it comes to our affairs, so if you don’t want resistance from half the cluster it’s best to cut and run.

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To aid with research efforts and furture analysis, a Triglavian Clavis has been created for their language. It is a work in progress.

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