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Golden Savings Gr.

The Golden Savings Group is a leading interstellar banking institution that provides a wide range of services to individuals, small businesses, corporations and alliances. Our activities spread in the following sectors:
-Investment banking - We provide a safe place for your assets* keeping them in multiple diversified accounts with interest rates of up to 4% depending on the ammount invested**
-Loans - Providing you with the tools you require so that your dreams may come true with interest rates of 4-6% depending on the ammount requested***
-Insurance - Worried about the dangers lurking in every corner? With our preferential insurance you are protected even in the case of total destruction or loss of property**** With weekly fees of 1 000 ISK you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.
-Wealth management - Professional advice on asset management by our team of economists, investors and traders
All of the services mentioned above are available remotely for your own convenience. PLEASE READ THE TERMS OF USE BELOW

we accept all tradeable stackable goods along with ISK (except Veldspar since it is our chosen method of payment validation***)
**investment interest rates(per week)
- 1-100 000 units -1%
- 100 000-1 000 000 -2%
- 1 000 000-10 000 000 -2.5%
- over 10 000 000 -3%
***loan interest rates(per week)
- 1-1 000 000 units -6%
- 1 000 000-10 000 000 -5%
- over 10 000 000 -4%
****if the insured property or item is lost, stolen or destroyed we will try to replace it; if that is not possible we will give you a refund equal to its current price on the market
*****everyone who invests with us gets 1 unit of Veldspar as confirmation of the transaction
we require everyone who will take a loan from us to carry 1 unit of Veldspar with themselves so that we can validate the transaction
Recruitment applications - anyone is free to join our corporation and will receive benefits weekly. Marketing, trading or economy knowledge are an asset. Text in-game or at the provided e-mail below.
For questions or enquiries:
Available - 14:00-22:00 UTC+2

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I need a loan of 50 billion, i will pay 4% interest per week send me isk/contract over items whenever

Thank you for the question,
I have replied to you in-game.

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