Oak Bridge Investments

Are you planning to take a break? Might come back to EVE later when real life circumstances allow it? Looking to setup a small, passive income next to the PI and trades?

Please consider our opportunity to increase the wealth when being offline.

Keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with keeping your hard earned isk in your pockets. We encourage you to do so in case you have your own network of sales and trade. However if you are looking for an option to passively increase your funds when not playing, we do provide it.

Most of our income is done through trading and investments into PLEX trades, char trades, tritanium, veldspar etc. Basic commodities which have a small % increase/decrease in value overtime. So in case the veldspar prices go up, trade values increase and income is generated. In case the price of veldspar goes sideways, we do have enough time and isk to divert the funding into a different direction and cover the losses.

% rates is the method we will use to payout the investors on a weekly basis.

Rough example:

100,000,000.00 x 0.02 = 2,000,000.00 per week
52 weeks per year = 104,000,000.00

Simple maths, right? So while you are away, we will use your isk to generate the wealth for the investment. Please do note that the minimal time we require you to let us keep your isk is 5 weeks. After 5 weeks, you can collect your deposit + %

Once the money is delivered to the corporation directly, please make sure to get in touch with either myself or a designated player, who will be listed in the corporation details. Once we verify the deposit, you will receive a generated key to your EVE inbox.

Upon claiming the isk in the later stage, please make sure to provide the key as we will be mapping all investments through the keys. If you fail to provide the key, no isk will be paid out.

Please do note that the % rate is a variable dependent on all of the trading hubs. How we calculate the % rate is the secret we will not share with anyone, but can guarantee that you will NEVER lose the isk you pledge to us. Your isk just gives us the option to increase bulk trades, nothing more.

If you are interested to find out more, please feel free to drop me a mail.

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I approve.

Glad to see its still happening.

This is EvE. I smell a scam.

What’s the catch?


This is EVE, but can it be different? I think it can…

Not everything is a scam, no catch really, basically, from my own standpoint, I get the chance to setup bigger orders → sell more stuff → generate more income → pay out winnings

You make money and I make money, theres just more of it. :slight_smile:

Thats about it.


I approve sir. Keep it going!

Show them that this new form of IPO scam can work!

I loved seeing you in the boxing ring vs Microsoft and Apple

Total Ponzi scheme.

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how much can I expect for returns on 10 mil isk?

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