Goldheart (RP Corp)

=== THE IDEA ===

  • –Stage 1–
    *Listeners ‘discover’ the interactive frequency that Fei Sung is broadcasting on (this would be the Corp chat and not a generic chat channel)

  • –Stage 2–
    After a few weeks, when trust is earned and listeners have become familiar their host, Fei will hold a one off social event (be it mining or exploring) where listeners may turn up and finally put a face to their host as well as fellow listeners.

  • –Stage 3–
    The listeners will (hopefully) decide that they don’t want this to have just been a one-off experience and would like a more regular ‘gathering’.

  • –Stage 4–
    Over time these gatherings create a regular crowd. The crowd will want to band together more officially… thus forming a pre-corporation of sorts.

  • –Stage 5–
    The foundations of a peaceful corporation will be formed along with a HQ (acting as ‘the’ broadcasting station) for Goldheart. Little teams form such as escorts for those undertaking deliveries and protection for those mining.

You see… how this moulds and plays out will be shaped by you… the listener. If you like the sound of this and want to make this happen then contact Fei Sung in-game or leave a comment below.

Here’s the pre-recorded loop that plays on the frequency:

*crackle* Fei Sung broadcasting to all listeners *static* ...this frequency. I know space can *buzz* ...a lonely place so if you *whirring* ...for company or just a *distorded hum* ...feel free to announce yourselves and say 'Hello' as this frequ- *crackle* ... secure and anonymous with no tracing nor tracking. Thank y- *whirr* ...for listening.

A little info on me, the one behind player… I have experience of roleplaying via tabletop (White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade), live action role play (Viking re-enactment w/Magic) and have done some forum roleplaying too. All though all this stems from one character’s actions I do not intend for this to be a “Heil Fei Sung” kind of corporation but instead be a “I’m a listener and have services that other listeners may benefit from” which will (ideally) end up becoming sections of the corporation in the long game.

The corporation will be heavily PvE with PvP happening only during unexpected invasion or if we roleplay with roleplaying pirates. I stress that this is to become (although future RP outcomes will confirm/deny this) a pacifistical corporation that only defends and doesn’t attack.

…as I said, how this corp grows, who becomes what… is up to you!

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