'Society of Lone Explorers and Miners' [Heavy RP]

You don’t have to be an expert but please understand the concept of Heavy RP before declaring your interest in joining the corporation

Are you in to your Heavy RP and looking for a corporation to cater to your roleplaying needs? If so, I have created a corporation called ‘Society of Lone Explorers and Miners’. (Though, technically, the formation of the society - at the time of this post - hasn’t yet happened.)

This is because I wish to roleplay this using these three stages:

1) - A group of people discover an open unused radio frequency and curiously start talking/responding to various chatters and slowly become familiar with the regular voices
The Corp chat channel will be a randomly discovered radio frequency to many of the members who join

2) A physical gathering of some mining/exploration activities.
Trust and reputation will have to be earned in person because -who knows- the frequency might be a pirate bait channel as far as your character’s concerned

3) The consideration of forming a corporation for (as the corporation’s named) a ‘Society of Lone Explorers and Miners’.
After members have ventured out together and formed a strong character bond (be this via many respectful mining/exploring expeditions or by inter-competitive means) it may be suggested to form a group…a unity…a society

Do you wish to be a part of this?

Before eyes roll; my character is currently in Alpha but I shall be purchasing yearly Omega status in mid-July

Thanks for reading.

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