Golem Build need feedback plz


For something that looks SO expensive, not only is the DPS extremely low (my nightmare with T2 guns and heat sinks already go above that for a fraction of the price) but tanking is a bit lacking…

Do you have good support skills ?

yeah, that’s why he is writing in cap MUCH SUPPORT !!

According to Osmium, this is approximatively what you can get… But I must admit I’m quite surprised, even with an All V character, a Nightmare can reach better damage with Multifrequency, the only domain lacking being the tank…

Plus the fit only is apparently 1.2B, and that’s without the price of the ship.

replace it with pithum med at least. Then replace a BCU with a DCU.
also two invuls pith > invul T2+gist.
and replace 500mn with MJD.

Above examples are why my Golem has been relegated to Hanger Queen status for a couple of years. While easiest to skill into and the most versatile damage dealing of the Marauders, the anemic dps and delayed damage weapon systems causing wasted ammo use has caused it to fall lower in my Marauder pantheon. My blaster Kronos deals well over 1400dps and the damage is instant, no wasted ammo. Of course, I won’t be selling my Golem anytime soon; the versatility is just too great to ignore and who knows what CCP will change in the future. I agree that unless you plan to go full clear with a MTU and salvage drones ( I rarely ever use my combat drones), a Raven,RS, or any cheaper ship would suffice until you get fully skilled up. Nothing sadder than seeing an expensive ship get lost due to suboptimal fittings, especially if it is your own.

Yep and dps is very much important for an alpha gun.

This. Golem can alpha cruiser, but I agree, it is boring hull. Small rof and delayed damage plus micromanaging tp(s). Kronos is underestimated.

I used to use a DCU but found I didn’t need the tank. Much prefer the extra DPS from the 4th BCU.

Tried the MJD ages ago, but what’s it for again? LOL I don’t need to jump around and it’s a pain trying to get to a gate 20km away.

I like running a shield booster cap stable. Not ideal I know, but I’m lazy. The Pithum varieties all destroy my cap.

I’m all level 5 skills and I have all missile implants. This Golem alphas most Frigs, all destroyers and cruisers and will 3-4 shot battleships. Forget the DPS number. It’s all about application - the rigs, the implants, the target painters: that’s where your REAL power comes from.


Pretty much this. I have Marauders lvl 5 and I only attempted to fly it when I got to level 4 and could fit Tech 2 Torp Launchers and maxed out shield skills. But nowadays I only use a 2-slot tank which enables me to use my other mid-slots for damage application mods like target painters and missile guidance computers.

The Golem is a great ship, but you do need very good skill training to fly it successfully :slight_smile: Here is my Torp Golem fit, I use it for all lvl 4 missions.

4 x Torpedo Launcher 2
3 x Tractor Beam 2 (I don’t salvage)
1 x Bastion Module

2 x Target Painter 2
3 x Missile Guidance Computer (all scripts in cargo hold)
1 x Pithum A-type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
1 x Gist X-type X-Large Shield Booster

4 x Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System

1 x Missile Velocity Rig 2
1 x Missile Flight Time Rig 2

I only swap a Guidance Computer for a Micro Jump Drive for those missions when I really need it. And before people say “fit rigor rigs”, I use the range rigging for a reason, this is my specialised torpedo fit, not a cruise missile ship. The 2 target painters 3 guidance computers gives me more than enough damage application. I can switch the scripts instantly after a cycle finishes to best hit my target, as there are some battleship rats (Guristas) that try to orbit at 50km, and some webbing frigates that like to come up close. This allows for great flexibility. Over 95% of mission battleship rats go down in 2/3 shots and it’s possible to one-shot webbing frigates (sometimes). This fit can hit 1363dps (Rage torps) out to over to 50km with range scripts with any damage type, and using precision scripts very highly applies that dps up to 36km. Yes, I get away with a 2-slot tank, and I only switch on Bastion in 2 missions, the final room of The Assault (Guristas), and the bonus room of Angel Extravaganza, and only if I don’t want to go down into Armor. I don’t need Bastion if I am willing to sacrifice some armor.

Please consider swapping one BCU for a DC, putting a T2 calefaction rig ; this will allow you to have same DPS, but better application because with the price you can fit RF painters.
with double RF painters you have +150% (*2.5) sig radius, it’s the same as reducing your scourge from 580 to 233 m.

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Not actually related to this Golem but thanks for reminding me about the implants. I’m a bit of a “jump here, do this, ooh shiny” guy who can’t keep a long-term plan going, but I’m getting to like missiles a lot. The clone I was using is still equipped with a mismatch of other stuff (I’ll leave it for random fun) but now I have a new one with implants focused on the ship I’m using.

Wasn’t even all too expensive, had LP to buy some and cash for a few more. When I started implants looked like the kind of luxury I’d never be able to afford and so I generally just used what one can get from missions…

As stated above, I use the Gist X-Type X-Large Shield Booster, because it has the highest HP/GJ I the game, I think. You almost never need to use Bastion mode with this Shield Booster.

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