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I believe on the singularity server there should be acceleration gates for different classes, so battle ships fit in one, capitals in the other. I think this would be a great addition to singularity to optimize the gameplay and testing.
Please think about this CPP, Thanks!

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Why? It’s a test server…

You can’t test things out when every time a cap kills you.

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I would rather see development being allocated to the actual game as opposed to a bandaid for a handful of scenarios on the test server. If players are being outright dicks on the test server then they should be banned.

I see what you mean, but when they get time they can spend a quick hour or two to add this in. It is just hard to see what you like/ do not like when you get insta popped.

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There is however a tiny “detail” that most people do not know:

6-CZ49 is not the only solar system on Singularity.


Rules of conduct for the public test servers

The two public test servers for EVE Online are Singularity and Duality. The former is more regularly accessible, while Duality is only opened for announced events . The focal point for player gathering on Singularity is 6-CZ49 and it’s neighbor system PVH8-0.

Please note: Keep in mind that the primary purpose of Singularity and Duality is testing upcoming features and changes.

Below are the official rules concerning the test servers.

General rules


No interfering with CCP, volunteer or player testing.
Combat by consent only, except in the designated combat systems (6-CZ49 and PVH8-0, only on Singularity).
Do not ask CCP Devs, GMs or volunteers for skills, ships or items.
No mass-dropping of items in space (structures, warp bubbles, shuttles, POS modules etc). This can affect server stability and performance.
Do not make mass market purchases. This can affect server stability and performance and will hinder other people’s testing. Buy only what you need.
Do not mass refine large numbers of ships or items. This can affect server stability and performance.
Keep Local Communications in English. As with the forums, it is the common language for the test server.
Selling items on the Test server for ISK on TQ is not allowed.
No politics on the test server. Leave your Tranquility conflicts behind when you log on the test server.
The rules of conduct for the Tranquility server apply on the test servers as well (no offensive language, harassment etc).

Combat systems (6-CZ49, PVH8-0) specific additional rules


No fighting or other aggressive actions within 500km of the station and gates (no targeted or AoE warp inhibiting modules).
No capitals in PVH8-0. The system is cyno jammed and found capitals will be moved to 6-CZ49 or destroyed.

Rules concerning Sovereignty, Structures, and Conquerable Stations


The first person to claim sovereignty in an unclaimed system is entitled to hold sovereignty in that system until such time as the claim becomes invalid.
Exceptions from the above rule: If the sovereignty claiming is done with malicious intent, i.e. to disrupt other players’ testing, the right to sovereignty is void.
Claiming or challenging sovereignty in a system already claimed by another alliance is not allowed without consent.
If a player gains ownership of a conquerable station or outposts he/she must NOT restrict access to that station and the station services in any way.
The rule concerning non-consensual combat includes all structures (including POS and Upwell structures). Do not attack structures without permission from the owner!



Breach of the rules may result in disciplinary actions up to (perma-)banning from the test server (including alt accounts).
Disciplinary actions are non-negotiable.

Getting help


The petition system is not used on Singularity and Game Masters will not be able to address issues related to Singularity. If you need assistance, contact one of the CCP or ISD staff present on the server, or post in the Test Server Feedback Forum



There is an ingame channel named Singularity where players on the test server exchange information. You may also find volunteers and developers there.
The local-channel of 6-CZ49 is also a good location for finding other players, volunteers and developers.

Singularity Player Commands


There are several special slash commands available for players on Singularity, to make it easy to test something without having to spend too much time with setup. For using these commands just type them with a leading / into a chat channel.

Currently active commands

This command allows you to move your character to a list of defined destinations. The command is blocked while having an active PvP log-off timer in space. Dock up or wait out your log-off timer and you can use it again.

Usage: /moveme - a popup window will appear with the list of valid destinations.

Currently active destinations (subject to change):

6-CZ49 (main combat system)
FD-MLJ (mass test system)
Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie: empire trade hubs
Thera: WH hub
J124504: C6 system with red giant effect
J152820: C5 system with pulsar effect
J171225: C4 system with black hole effect
J001348: Shattered C3 system with cataclysmic effect
J122137: C2 system with magnetar effect
J000528: Small shattered system with wolf-rayet effect

This command compares your skills on Singularity with a daily snapshot of TQ and adds the missing skills and skill levels to Singularity.

Usage: /copyskills

Note: Only completed skill levels are being copied. A skill level is only marked as fully completed after a login with your character. The snapshot from TQ is being taken in the middle of the night (GMT). This command is blocked for 14 days after using a skill extractor

Boosts the sovereignty claim time and the development indices of the current system to allow usage of all upgrades.

Usage: /boostsov

Boosts the standings of several NPC entities towards your character to +10. This includes most NPC factions and if you are docked in a NPC station it also includes the owning corporation and the agents in this station. This should help a bit with testing missions.

Usage: /booststandings

Copies fitted ships for the current character from a TQ snapshot from station hangars to the 6-CZ49 station. Several rare ships are excluded (including titans and supercarrier, but they shouldn’t be docked anyway). This is also limited to once every 24h.

Usage: /copyships

Advances the progress of an active moonmining extraction to the “Ready” state. The character needs to be in control of the structure with the active extraction. Please note that the schedule window needs to be reopened after using the command to refresh its state.

Usage: /completeextraction

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