Good Inventory Filter for S,M,L Ammo?

Anyone have a good filter for ammo size (aside from the brute force ‘Name is’)? Tired of leaving with a cargo full of M in my frigate.

Ahh, I just use “small”, “med” or “large” and usually am able to find what I’m after.

Doesn’t work for everything (missiles), but for the most part works.


Light/Rocket, Heavy/Assault, Cruise/Torp for missiles should work.

Thanks guys. Anything for L,M,S hybrid and crystals?

for Hybrid (normal/faction) you can use “Charge S/M/L” as filter, don’t work for T2 ammo though.

u can make custom filters in the filter selector thing, it’s all pretty self explanatory with a little bit of trial and error. should take u like 5 min to set up a filter that can do pretty much anything u want.

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