Google Sheets - Multiple Mining Ledger Imports with ESI

This morning, I googled-up an excellent blog post on using ESI with Google Sheets:

I’m not a programmer but after some careful copy-n-pasting I was able to create a Google Sheet that pulls my mining ledger data for one character on one account. All good so far and I’m feeling very self-congratulatory.

So here’s my question…

Is there an easy’ish way to scale this up so that I can pull mining ledgers from multiple characters and multiple accounts? Use case is a small alliance that wants to track character-level mining by date and mineral type (not moon mining or corp-level data).

The solution that comes to mind involves creating a separate Google sheet for each character. The owner would then have to create a separate application at using a unique Google Script ID that I provide. I would then create a Google Sheet that references all the character-level Google sheets (if that’s even possible) and aggregates the data.

I’m guessing there’s a better way.

Remember, I’m not a programmer. Please use small words when replying. :slight_smile:

Thanks! o7

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Totally doable and super easy, you’re overthinking it :slight_smile:

If you repeat the auth process, i.e. how you added your first character, but this time select a different character, it will also authorize that character. You then will be able to specify which character should be used for a function (which defaults to whatever character you set your MAIN_CHARACTER variable to), by doing like characters_character_mining("Blacksmoke16").

If you need to add another character that is on a different account; click Cancel when you are at the part where you need to select a character, login to other account, and select the character you want to.

Checkout this post in regards to how to best manage authing other accounts you do not own based on your situation.

That’s exactly what I need. Thanks very much, Smoke!

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