Got EVE Online installed on my BRIX


OS: Debian GNU/Linux8
CPU : Intel i7 3.9Ghz
GPU : Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics 5200 [G3D Mark is 1176! a Gforce GTX 1060 has 8781]
HD : Sandisk Ultrafit USB 3.0 Stick 128GB (150 MB/s max) [HDD: 120MB/s max / SSD 550MB/s]
FPS: 60 in station [DX9/Intel G45_G43] (Runs together with 2 (720i) security cam streams)

So, yes, some minor hiccups at undock but in less than 2 seconds, back to 60 fps.
What settings do I use?
Window mode, (1024x768) 1280x1024!, 100% UI scaling, Interval one.
ALL effects disabled
Graphic content settings to lowest (either disabled/low or None)

Screenpics taken by my phone :


Very nice! Have you tried turning up the graphics settings to see how high they can go before the box falls over?

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Not, yet, I’ll edit the post to reflect the tests.

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