Got ganked for the first time

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Lower security, or low security space? Those are two different things.

If you’re in lower security, but still hi security space, use skiffs.

If you’re I low security space, use something cheap like a procurer.

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Thank you for your advice. I’ve been mining in 0.5 and 0.6. security for almost 10 years using Hulks and Macks without any problems but I am aware, that times can and will change. You have to adept or you will have to take the risk to be exterminated,

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Well, “extermination” is too harsh, it’s only a ship and some implants. As you are mining for years, it’ll be easy for you to repurchase your losses.
I think it’s a good lesson to sharpen your senses :wink:

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You are absolutely right. Idead, it is no problem for me or my cop to recompensate the loss of the ship. The loss of the implants is a nuisance but gives me a chance to aquire a new and better set of implants. Nevertheless I am still pondering about the incident. I am well aware the high-sec is not safe at all. (there is a discussion going on in this forum) . After my inquiries I was informed that Concord had flagged the ganker and destroyed his ship. Thinking about it, the loss of the ganker was surely covered by the insurance and Concord does not destroy pods. So his risk was small. According to the records at zkillboard the members of that corp regularly kill miners in that area.

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Getting CONCORDOKKEN makes your insurance invalid thus no insurance payout in such case.

(Mahindra) #26

Good to hear, thank you very much, So I’m quite contended, that the ganker suffered a loss too.
PS: Thank you verly much to all in this forum for the advice and the useful hints.

(Boldly Gone) #27

It’s a bit like a jewellery store in a mall: They have to provide effective security arrangements, or they have a lot of hassle with burglers and insurance companies :wink:

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I had my “first time” yesterday as well. I’m running level 3 missions in a Drake and needed some ammo - I found some that were 40isk ea cheaper than Jita. In the past, I’ve purchased prior to traveling but this time I decided to wait to get there. I had a sixth sense that it would happen as I had to go through a choke point (Aunenen in Lonetrek). I jumped the gate at Nonni and as soon as I clicked to jump to the next gate on the other side got webbed and then capped. I managed to save my pod - funny thing is I’m not mad at all - just irritated that I had to fit a new ship instead of running missions for the evening.

Question - my Drake was fitted for PvE level 3 missions so it was probably over before it started but is there anything I could have done when I jumped the gate and saw red flashing in local? I’m guessing could have used the cloak - mwd trick had I changed the fit prior to heading out? Thanks,

(Mahindra) #29

Sorry for you mate, but you got ganked in 0.4 space. I just bought some stuff in lowsec because is was cheaper and did not pay attention to the security-level. I had to go through several 0.3 and 0.2 to a station in 0.1. I dumped my ship in the last safe station and went there by pod. I the 0.1 station I got my stuff and a rookie-ship and made it back safely.

(Elbian Salesia) #30

Thanks much - I will do that next time.

(Boldly Gone) #31

When you arrive after a jump, you are cloaked and invulnerable for one minute as long as you don’t move your ship in any way. So if you see a bunch of red flashies around, you can at least wait this minute and pray for another victim to jump in and distract the guys.
You still need to move you ship for some seconds before you get into warp, and for a normal ganking team that’s more than enough to get you pinned when they wait for you.

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