Grace in Space

Every time I fly through gates in Amarrican space, there is an NPC ship bumbling along headbutting the gate as I use it.

I suspect alcohol is involved.

While this clumsy behaviour is perfectly acceptable for Minmatar pilots, we Amarr have a higher standard. It can do no good for new capsuleers to see that not even the pilots of our glorious Empire can steer a ship around a star gate.

I know CCP will do the right thing, and I thank them in advance for doing so.


I… I guess I’m posting in a thread of some sort.


Ah, the gate you speak of… a technical team was to be dispatched to repair the stabilizers that keep the gate anchored in the same relative position… you see it had begun drifting somewhat off axis. Unfortunately it was determined (by the bean counters) to be more cost effective to just have a local ship make the adjustments since it was already there and dedicated.


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