Graphics problems in space

Anyone know how I can remove those white lines in space, only appear when ship is moving

It is misrendering the engine trails.

Not sure that there is a fix You can implement. I think CCP need to fix their graphics engine.

Hope not, just spent 2k euro’s on a new computer… Geforce RTX 2070 Super should be able to run eve… come on

try clearing the game cache:

Tried that before, didnt help. thank you for your suggestion.

Are your drivers updated? (I’m sure they are)
Try run an verification check on game files. If that doesn’t work my last suggestion would be a complete clean reinstall of either GFX drivers and/or Game or both. “Clean” meaning you uninstall game/drivers then reboot system before reinstalling game/drivers.

If you have your old graphicscard available you could try installing that and see if the issue is persistent, if not then it could be a fault with your new graphicscard.

If none of this works I’m fresh out of ideas…

Bugs are bugs and are not in any way influenced by the cost of your hardware. Someone has to go fix the rendering engine for particle effects.

This problem is endemic. Try running a conduit and you’ll see many similar graphical glitches.

CCP need to fix their game.

yeah this is frustrating, tried everything now… the new pc works perfect in other games atleast.

This is a bug. Worse on some ships than others. The Typhoon Fleet Issue is pretty bad for triggering it. Particle effects are getting rendered in the wrong place.

It also happens in invasion conduits. There are whole threads about it on this forum and comments in known issues.

Hey folks
If you have a bug report in, could you let me know the ticket number so we can take a look at it and try to reproduce it in house?

Many thanks

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