Greater AI for higher difficulty scenarias / fleet vs NPC

Sadly CCP ceeps the NPC AI quiet simple.

So i would like special swarm ai sites where pilotes with fleets can participate vs a lerning AI or at least a complex AI behaivor… the tier of this sites will be determined in the AI difficulty like in starcraft.

imagine bots that retread if low hp, gather or form logical attack-clusters like real drone AI.

grettings NOVA

That might be interesting, but what about this… a UPvP game where other players are the main source of challenge and content? Think about it -humans learn, are extremely unpredictable when compared to an AI, and not only would you not have to use dev resources on coding them, but they’d pay you to play the game!!!

But Eve players would never go for something like that…

A man can dream though… a man can dream.

Since you have not mentioned it, the the Diamond Rats and Triglavians use the “New” AI. For Bots they are the closest thing to players you will find, (they have an FC, they Rep, they switch targets if one is too tanky, they hate Drones and Logi.) If you have only done regular “missions” then fighting Trig fleets should be an eye opener. But really if you want to play against deadly clever opponents who will use every trick in the game to win, then PVP with humans is really the challenge you want… just sayin.

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