Smart AI / Old but Improved PvE content

When i started EvE i loved PvE till the point i get my Paladin t2 Battleship and every mission or combat sait/anomaly become so easy that was pointless to search for harder and more harder content :frowning: becose there is no sutch thing …i dont wanna mention a need of bigger ship to overcome the challange , or need a given fleet whit designated rolles …

the more expensive fit is , the more hard npc fleet to face …where you see the point that you need a support ship/ logistic / tackle / Ewar and ECCM counter ships to complete the sait .

the more skill point you have for given ship when enter a combat anomaly , to become more harder and to make you find players where they are skilled to fly logi/support etc.

I wish the need of fleet in PvP to be the same as PvE , if you wanna good modules / lets players to work for it and for it price :slight_smile:

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