Indicators of DPS, Shield or Armor needed for PvE content?

Not a complaint, just a question I guess, why is there no system in Eve to identify the difficulty or requirements for particular content?

For example before the recent event ended I tried a crimson base, thought no problem in Vexor drone fit, I got absolutely annihilated in seconds. That’s fine, but it just brought into my mind, nearly every MMO has indicators in PvE content on what is considered difficult/easy for your particular character, whether it be an ELITE indicator or a level system, etc.

Eve just doesn’t seem to have that and it can be frustrating when looking at the agency, and recognising you either have to dig deep into Wiki’s or Google to work out if you have the skills, fit and ship to complete some content, or just go into it and see how you fair.

Am I missing something, is there like a simple guide, webpage or something that makes it easier to digest what PvE content I can complete, I mean with Abyssals, Trigs, ratting etc its hard to know what’s even possible

Thanks in advance

Just figure it out. Bring cheap ship. If it dies, figure out why it died and improve fit. Try again and again. Or ask community for help. It usually takes only few hours for content creators to post guides

EVE isn’t “nearly every MMO”. It’s unique. You like it or you quit. No one forces you to play EVE if you don’t like it’s base concepts.


I never said I didn’t like its base concepts, but seems a little counter intuitive to retaining new players, if the intention is to kamikaze into content and lose your stuff just to ‘workout’ what’s best.

But yeah no problem I’ll just keep doing that and reading/watching guides


It’s like how some people like games that don’t have a minimap telling where you are and what’s going on where you can’t see at all times. The unknown appeals.

Someone has to find out what something is.

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I have to admit, this event was not meant for new players. In a meta fit battlecruiser with not-so-good skills and experience, you either lose the ship or need a long time, and when you finally reach the third pocket, a Vindicator pops up and snacks away the main price battleship.

I have not seen someone else point this out:

Because a task/tactic/activity that is easy for one ship may be impossible in a different ship.

For example: If an activity has a lot of enemies tossing out huge amounts of damage then…

  • One could bring a pimped-out battleship that can soak up huge amounts of damage and bulldoze through
    – Not a “novice” or “intermediate” friendly method.
  • One could bring a few friends; some tanky cruisers/battlecruisers and some in logistics ships.
    – Not a “novice” friendly method, but possible with other players who have a little bit of experience.
  • One could bring a speedy Assault Frigate and used speed and range to tank damage (see: “speed tanking”) and snipe the NPCs from range.
    – Fairly “novice” friendly if one knows about how to do it.

Also, as others said: The unknown and need to experiment is what attracts us to the game. :wink:
That is kind of what the game was founded on.

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