New shielded starbase impossible?

so new shielded starebase needs 9k dps so we arent even able to crack them using our super carriers unless we want to form a whole fleet for the one site can someone please explain how this is ment to be new content it cant be done…

EVE has these wonderful concepts called other players, groups, and fleets…


you able to get multiple super carriers to go rat one site for loot that probably isnt worth it GL :slight_smile:

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If it isn’t worth it, then why are you complaining about not being able to do it solo? :wink:

just wasted content so hoping they can make it a bit more possible was exited for the new ratting stuff

If you can’t get 9k DPS in a super, maybe don’t be in one?


Killed off all the towers in this site and got nothing after that. …eel like it broken or something did not trigger. Loot and currently pay out lees then 10mil for the goup. Site is still here and did not despawn. But there is no more things to shoot at. There is no shielded starbase that we can shoot. The object in the center with some skill i can fly next to but not something that we can lock… impossile broken…

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So update we used 4 supers to break a site and the loot from it is well next to nothing so yaaa… not impossible but not very good

Well it’s not about having enough dps tbh, anti cap fighter in a super can reach 25k dps easy but here is the catch, it doesn’t apply fully hence why you can’t really solo in a super, using LR fighter will apply better but not enough dps on top off fighter aggro is a pain, so far there are a few options,

  1. Bomb dreads (2 maybe?) that uses guns since the base don’t move, just make sure your fully stopped before siege.
  2. A fleet of marauders (by fleet I mean your alts) you’ll need about 10 of the any flavor would do (10 might be over kill but I watched someone on discord streamed it with that set up)
  3. A Titan (lmao) leviathan won’t work due to explosion sig same problem with the heavy fighters, but all other titan works just as fine.
    I don’t know if the loot table is bugged or “work as intended” so far I heard it has only been dropping overseers and nothing else so I wouldn’t be too pressed about trying to run it now.

Y nothing but oversear loot. No value in running for any reason other than, hey yea I did one. Thee Faction spawn was kinda worth it.(like True sansha for the sansha) easy 5 waves then a special rat that did drop normal stuff so thats alright. The cap staging point not so worth it either but still more than the starbase assault. Have not seen a Officer spawn site yet to judge.

With the new patch the star base has been fixed, you can now solo it in a super relatively fast.

Pretty much the star base had a sig of 1k and ccp bloom the sig up to where the anti cap stuff can apply.


Couldn’t we just make anti-capital weapons hit better?

That would mean marauders could get one shot.

What about just fighters then? (they can’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn door)

Great but still want more then oversear effects or it still dosent seem like its worth it

will be helpful wonder if theres gona be more patches for the loot or if there just gona say its as it should be either way will be interesting to see

The reward vs. risk is incredibly small. I just ignore these escalations when they pop up now.

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The chance for 10/10s was watered down for escalations that require capitals or even supers on grid and reward 200mill. Can we please get a response from CCP, if they forgot to assign a loot table?

On behalf of CCP