Group epic arc

I haven’t done the epic arcs in a very long time. Are they always in the same place? So if you have a group can you do each mission in the chain multiple times once for each person, minimizing travel time and maximizing kill speed?

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Yes to both questions.


I have an website with most reward path explained, each arc also includes travel time between missions.

Usually you will have to about 3 big moves per arc (about 10 jumps), but you can do sections as group.

I would say about 15% of all missions are in specific system, like “Averon Exchange (Gallente)” will always be in Averon system which is 2 jumps from Tolle system where the agent is.

About 5% of missions are in fixed system, but they are 10-15 jumps away and sometimes you need to travel back to complete mission, like “Surfacing (Minmatar)” is always in Jark system, which is 11 jumps from agent and you have to fly back to him once you are done.

About 10% of missions is in the same system as agent.

About 10% of missions is in adjacent constellation, any random system, like last few mission in Minmatar arc.

The rest is in any random system in same constellation as the current agent, so tops 1-3 jumps, and if you are lucky even same system. For most is fine since some agents are in dead end, so you will have all the missions along the way. But for example first few missions in Amarr arc can be a pain since agent is in the middle, with 3 outbound gates and mission can be up to two jumps out, so you might spend some time warping around the place.

Hope this answers your question


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