GRUMPY and request to CCP (tribute)

I think that our Grumpy Internet International Hero deserves that CCP creates a new system with his name, one being filled with a bunch of hardcore sociopath npc’s.

Not to mention that Grumpy would have been a wonderful Cosmocat pilot,
totally in symbiosis with the core spirit of Eve Online

Of course, such system in HS would not be exactly an appropriate choice.
LS or Null then.

What do you think pilots ?

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Billboard series with “Best Of Grumpy”!

What has Grumpycat done for the EVE Online community?


Firstly, grumpy was a she not a he :stuck_out_tongue:

So for someone wanting a tribute you don’t really know a lot about the subject matter

What ?

Nice gesture but the 7 or 8 people who actually play the game won’t care much.

I say… Cheers! The world did just lose an internet sensation. How clever it would be if the GMs placed an Easter Egg or bit of lore IN RE to our fallen feline :wink: Grumpy cat died too young - what cat dies at 7 because of a UTI? Makes one wonder if her owners really took care of her properly. Give her a name drop somewhere, but not a new system - that’s a bit much…

RIP Grumpy Cat - she died too early and should have lived many years longer!

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say what?

It says this is the first time you have posted and we should welcome you to these forums…

In the spirit of Monty Python, I am inclined to say,… “Run Away”

You may thank me later. :smiley_cat:

Somebody’s been smoking the catnip again…



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