Guardian Gala boss spawns

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Depends on what arty you use. Do not forget - there is no isk in anything but boss in that event. And who makes final shot at the boss, gets everything. Arty alpha damage is huge and can fully apply even on BC size boss… Not to mention Battleship. My Machariel often wins competition against Gilas, though is conciderably slower than them in solo cleaning sights.

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A poster on these forums recently claimed that it’s whoever does max damage, not whoever gets last shot (for any wreck, not just guardian gala). I don’t know either way, just throwing it out there.

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It can but I wouldn’t recommend it.

(Lil' Brudder Too) #24

99% sure its most dmg for NPC wreck ownership…Vindi FTW…

My trouble is sometimes its just never ending waves of frigs after i’ve killed the cruisers…then sometimes its just like 2 waves of cruisers then the boss…i can’t seem to make heads or tails of the triggers…

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Im going to girl it a whirl, never flew a drone boat, got least most of the skills for it

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