Guardian Gala boss spawns

(Beast of Revelations) #1

The normal sites, not VIP ones. After warping in and starting the site, any way to know whether the boss will be BS or BC?

(erg cz) #2

Yes. You will find that out after you kill enough normal guests. Not before.

(DeMichael Crimson) #3

Wouldn’t the normal sites just spawn a BC Boss whereas the VIP sites spawn a BS Boss?

(erg cz) #4

High sec sites spawn Battleship. But the loot table is the same. About every 7,23 normal site will drop a battleship on you.

(Beast of Revelations) #5

I get BS spawns quite commonly in highsec - about half the time. These are normal sites - I’ve never seen a VIP (aren’t carriers or dreads supposed to spawn in those?).

The reason I asked the question is, I would optimize my weaponry to the BS or the BC spawn if I could know while running the site whether a BC spawn was coming, or BS. I’d use one of those refitting drops (can’t remember the name).

(DeMichael Crimson) #6

Mobile Depot

(Chan'aar) #7

Simply put, no, there is no way of knowing which (BC or BS) will spawn. At least I haven’t seen anything and I have cleared 700 Agency points this morning.

@DeMichael_Crimson the VIP sites only spawn in low and null sec with a carrier boss. They did spawn in highsec on SISI for testing purposes only.

(Rosov Aulmais) #8

Does the carrier have exclusive loot?

(Chan'aar) #9

I am not sure, I operate in highsec. I believe they drop the Eros Webifer implants as well as the accelerators and skins.

(JC Mieyli) #10

how long are your mornings

(Chan'aar) #11


Perhaps more correctly I should have said I finally reached that this morning. So it has taken me 9 days.

(JC Mieyli) #12

lol ok

(Sebs Pride) #13

What sort of ships can a person fly this in (my best is tech 1 BC)

(JC Mieyli) #14

depends on skills but you wanna tank sites and apply dps hard as hell to the boss
i think maybe a tanky hurricane could work

(Beast of Revelations) #15

I’ve seen tons of cruisers running these sites, but it’s all the same cruisers - Gilas.

With enough skills, I’m pretty sure you could run these sites in the right BC. I’ve never used one but I’m sure an Ishtar could do it. Personally, I use a battleship… but that’s me.

(Sebs Pride) #16

My confortable isk levels is also in a t1 BC level

(Beast of Revelations) #17

What BCs can you fly?

(Sebs Pride) #18

Harbinger, i can also fly a hurrican, but the skills arent there, even for tech 1 (i pull around 240 dps with it) arty fit

(Trash Burner) #19

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(Gemma Skord) #20

Arties are bad for PvE.
Drones and missiles are best for this event. A Prophecy with republich fleet valkyies can do the sites.